This is an easy way to recover a journal and make it look pretty unique! I made this one for my brother-in-law, Nick. I hope he likes it! It took me about 2 hours to make. Simple instructions are below with lots of pictures. Feel free to leave me comments if you have any questions.

I cut extra straps of leather and wrapped them around the book. I also engraved my brother-in-law’s name “Elder Grayson”. He’s getting ready to serve a full-time 2 year mission for our Church.

I’m glad I could make him something that he will record his experiences in and have as a family history for the rest of his life.


  1. Eleanor Rigby

    Hey lady!

    Thank you very much. I made this today with the help of your tutorial.

    What a great gift for a missionary.


  2. reddhouston

    How did you engrave the name?

  3. Muffin

    I used these metal stampers.

    I know you can get leather stampers, but I didn't want to spend any extra money. Good luck!

  4. mastcrew

    Love this idea…did you find your leather at a particular store. Im having a hard time finding some. Thanks!

  5. Krista

    This is a great idea! I drew my sister's boyfriend for the Christmas gift exchange this year. He is an artist and wants a handmade gift. Talk about intimidating for this small-time crafter! I think I can handle this project, though! I was thinking a journal with blank pages for sketches! Thanks for the great idea and the detailed tutorial!

  6. Muffin

    You can find leather at Tandy Leather, or go to your local thrift store and buy a cheap leather coat and cut that up. Good luck!

  7. Ruby

    Thanks for the tutorial, I will love making these!

    Girlfriends Are Like Shoes

  8. Justin and Stacey

    Do you think modpodge will work? I am coveringine with fabric. Or should I get the book glue?

  9. Muffin

    If you are doing fabric, I highly recommend using my tutorial on "how to make your own bookcloth" here:

    Then glue it to the bookboard using pva. If you don't have pva, you can use wheat paste, but it will take a lot longer to dry. You just mix wheat flour with water until it has the consistency of paste.

    Hope that helps!

  10. Justin and Stacey

    Thanks for that! So after making the book cloth, do I follow your instructions on this post for covering the book? I think I will try the wheat paste. About how long does it take to dry? Thanks again!

  11. Muffin

    Yes. Same instructions. Quite a bit longer than pva, but I'm not sure exactly how long. It depends on the thickness of the paper/fabric and how much glue the paper/fabric "sucks in" when the wet glue is applied.

    Good luck.

  12. bunnyboo0306

    Hey! I cannot wait to do this project! I was just wondering where did you get your leather? I thought maybe i could get an old leather jacket from goodwill and cut it up.

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