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Day 23-Last Minute Christmas Stickers

This is a super easy and fun way to make a gift a little more unique. Simply add a sticker to your holiday package. These come in two colorways, red or pink. You will need Avery 2 inch Round Labels, product number 22807. All you need to do is download the pink one or the red one, push print and you’re set.

Use these fun stickers to make sure your holiday cards make it to their destinations. My sister, Anna, didn’t want to lick her envelopes and instead used a baby wipe….the result…an opened envelope when it arrived to me without the card. So sad. Make sure that doesn’t happen to you by making these simple Stickers, or use them to brighten up a package.

Comes in either pink or red colorways.

Day 21-Decoupage Clothespins

Feel free to use these colorful and simple graphic patterns as gift tags or for their intended purpose, which is for decoupaged clothespins. I found a great tutorial here, but remember these must be printed on a laser printer if you want to do decoupage, otherwise they will smear. A laser printer has heat which sets the ink, and an inkjet (which is what most home printers are) does not.

If you just want to print them at home, like I did, you can put them on the easy way with double side tape. Done.

These also make a great last minute gift. Download the file here.

Below are a few more close-ups of the clothespins. I designed the “Joyful” card for Shutterfly this year and of course the “Merry Christmas” one is my Santa Matryoshka CardI designed for the 24 days of Christmas Downloads earlier.

6 years & a free card download

Yesterday marked being married to my husband, Christopher, for 6 years. And just as this card states, “Today is the Best Day Ever” and I added on the inside, “and so is every day I am with you”. Cheesy I know. He is exactly what I could have ever imagined plus so much more. He loves me more than I could have ever dreamed and I am so thankful for that.

So, in order to make this post not just about how wonderful my husband is, I have decided to include a free anniversary card printable too. Just  click here to download and enjoy.

What we looked like then…. (2005)

What we look like now…. (2011)

Day 17-Holiday Decorating

This super easy candy banner will make any room feel festive. Want this same look. See instructions below for how to make this super easy candy banner.

You will need
1. Felt
2. Glue
3. Glitter
4. Embroidery Floss
5. Needle
6. Fuzz Balls
7. These FREE christmas candy banner printables
Step 1: Layer two pieces of felt on top of each other. Cut in 1/2 inch strips.
Step 2: Using hot glue, glue two strips together. Then roll them. Hot glue again. Cut off any extra felt at end. 
Step 3: Using a paintbrush, paint felt rolls with Elmer’s white glue. Dip in clear glitter. Roll around all sides. Let dry.
Step 4: Now that those are done, on to the next part. Print out these fun candy banner printables. Cut them out and punch two holes in the top.
Step 5: Now that you have all of the components. Simply thread a needle with embroidery floss and string your banner alternating between candy printables, fuzz balls, and rolled felt.

And what you have is simple FUN candy banner to decorate any room.

I used this tutorial for the paper lantern ornaments.