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apples and pears pattern

Apples and Pears fabrics designed by me / Apple and Pear Fruit Tidy / Jonathan Adler Apple Laquer Clock

Apple Corer (with pop bottom-best thing EVER!!!) / Pear Coaster

Helen Dardik’s Apple & Pear Poster for Hus & Hem / Fruit Memo Pads (found via this site)

 APPLE & PEAR RECIPES (I’d love to try)

Apple Pear Cobbler / Pear, Apple & Cranberry Crisp / Apple & Pear Slaw


Enzo Mari Poster / Pear Cake / Apple Purse / and Apple Purse


happy friday

Happy Friday Everyone! I wish I had time to do my own poster print with my own design and calligraphy….but I don’t. I’m still trying to recover from foot surgery. It’s hard to design on the couch with my foot resting on the coffee table instead of sitting at my desk with no distractions. Ahhhh! Well, until then enjoy this beautiful lettering from Dinara Mirtalipova. I also enjoy this print reminding us to have a happy friday.

sweet muffin suite business cards

I designed these business cards for ALT. I wanted something with a little twist that people would remember. I added two colors of striped washi tape. Of course, I did have to cut them, but once I got the hang of it, it was pretty easy to do. I got them printed at 4over is a trade printer, so I got a really good deal on these business cards! The quality is amazing and is printed in 4 color, none of that digital stuff! I’m really happy with the outcome. Ez of Creature Comforts also did a great post on the business cards from ALT. If you’re planning on attending ALT next year, make sure you’re equipped with great business cards.




I realize that’s it’s been almost a month since ALT, but I thought I would share with you my honest thoughts of the whole experience. And maybe these thoughts will help you decide if you want to attend next year.

ALT is the kind of place that will break you down and build you back up all within 48 hours. If you’re ready for a change, then this is the type of conference you may want to attend. I realized this past year that I was ready for something new. My old blog felt outdated and I was ready for something fresh and hip. So I started designing. I also wanted a place to showcase my portfolio, since I’ve never had a website dedicated completely to my work. My goal was to have it all up and running by ALT. I accomplished my goal and I was hoping that ALT would continue to fuel the fire for my personal and professional goals.

I’m going to cover four categories from ALT, the people, the panels, the parties and the plan.






Plan to meet lots of amazing people while at ALT. I met some of the most amazing, inspiring, creative, talented, stylish and thoughtful women I have ever met. And don’t forget to bring lots of amazing business cards. I’ll post about mine soon. I went with my good friend, Lindsay. We attended BYU-Idaho together and have since crossed paths several times. I’m so glad we went together, I couldn’t have gone without her.

Plan on meeting some “famous” people, or at least famous to you. I met “THE” Amy Butler, need I say more. She even signed my sketchbook. She was so much more lovely than I could have even imagined. If I could choose to be like any textile designer, it would be Amy Butler. Her designs are amazing! I’m hoping to get into textile design soon, and she is such an inspiration. Did I mention that she’s tall too? I’m 6’1″, so do the math.


I met a whole group of women from Seattle, one of them is the amazingly stylish Jenn Blake. Wow! We met Wednesday night after things went amiss at Registration. She is genuinely nice and super sweet! Isn’t that scarf adorable!

I also met slews of other amazing women like Danae, Jessica, Danni, LillianCaroline, Jenean, AlixMarisa and Lyndsey. Just to name a few.
I wrote a whole bunch more below! Click the read more button to read on!!!

Vintage Tea Party Details for Planning One

I wanted to show you some of the detail and inspiration for Char’s Vintage Tea Party. Below is a board created to capture the look and feel of the party. I always choose a color palette first. Mostly I used red, pink and a pale blue. Then, it was all about the patterns. If I had really planned ahead, I would have used my patterns, shown below, and had them printed onto fabric, using spoonflower. That would have been awesome! But yeah, who can plan that far ahead……


The invitation set the whole theme and feel that I really wanted for the tea party. I also wanted an excuse to use my calligraphy. I first hand wrote Char’s name and then scanned it in. After that it was as easy as finding some patterns in my “stash” that I had already designed and changing the colors a bit to fit into the theme.

I also chose to do hand calligraphy on each of the girl’s envelopes for the invitations. It was fun to practice.


For the activities we made simple beaded necklaces from a kit at Michael’s, and played this great tea party game from Land of Nod. It was adorable and  really easy for the girls to play.

There’s all the details. Now you can go and plan your own Vintage Tea Party. If you want to see more pictures of the party, visit this post. Thanks.

Day 4-Free Kids Valentine Card Printable

Day 4 of the free Valentine’s Day Downloads. This is a simple way to let your child’s friends know that you care. Simply print, cut out and add a sparkly glitter pencil. It’s that easy.

Only 2 supplies are needed, paper and pencil. Hooray! I picked up my glitter pencils from the dollar section at Target, but I’m sure you can find them most anywhere. Glitter is hot right now!

Directions: Download this pdf. Print it out and cut them using the lines on the edges as a guide. Make a 1.5 inch cut on each side of the text. I tried smaller cuts, but the pencils wouldn’t fit without tearing the paper. It has to be 1.5 inches!!! Write the names you want and then add the pencil. Easy peas!


If you are looking for the boy version, you can get it here!.