Day 4 of the free Valentine’s Day Downloads. This is a simple way to let your child’s friends know that you care. Simply print, cut out and add a sparkly glitter pencil. It’s that easy.

Only 2 supplies are needed, paper and pencil. Hooray! I picked up my glitter pencils from the dollar section at Target, but I’m sure you can find them most anywhere. Glitter is hot right now!

Directions: Download this pdf. Print it out and cut them using the lines on the edges as a guide. Make a 1.5 inch cut on each side of the text. I tried smaller cuts, but the pencils wouldn’t fit without tearing the paper. It has to be 1.5 inches!!! Write the names you want and then add the pencil. Easy peas!


If you are looking for the boy version, you can get it here!.



  1. Britney

    Hi Muffin! I think you are so very clever and talented. I just love these. My son chose to do these for his class and we are using pixie sticks instead of pencils. Thanks for offering this. You are fantastic!!!

  2. These are wonderful! Thank you. 🙂

  3. These are wonderful! Thank you!

  4. Angela

    Thanks these are GREAT!!

  5. What a brilliant idea! Love that this could be for grown-ups too (with a lovely pen or something) Thank You for sharing them!

  6. Thanks for sharing, and I know this will be a hit with my daughter’s class! So much more exciting than the expected princess cards.

  7. kellie

    How Clever! Love these, many thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. This is brilliant! Love it and glad I found it on Pinterest!

  9. These are so cute. Thank for the free printable!

  10. justjayma

    These would be cute with glow sticks, too! Thanks for the printable, these are adorable!

  11. terri

    love it!~! 🙂 thank you for sharing!!!

  12. I love it! I found you via DesignMom. I would love to link to you and post about your valentines on my blog, may I?

  13. This is a lovely and clever idea… thank you for sharing!!

  14. These are wonderful – thank you.

  15. Lisa

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love these!

  16. Sarah

    I found you on pinterest.These are perfect for my 10 year old boy! We will be using pixy stix. Thank you for the free download.

  17. I love this! Our school discourages bringing candy and sweets so this is perfect. Where did you find those gorgeous pencils?

    Also, may I share your idea in my newsletter? I will of course link everything to your site.


  18. Mary

    Thank you for the free download.

  19. I love it!
    Sharing on my FB page!

  20. Allyson/HBMomof2

    These are wonderful! What a great idea! This is perfect for my daughter who thinks she is too grown up for red and pink to give to her classmates. Thank you for saving me! And thank you for putting 4 on a page and not just 2. It seems like such a little thing, but it cut the amount of paper needed in half.

  21. k, the pencils are TO SO RAD. and the free download, even better. thank you.

  22. These valentines are great! I shared it with our readers on Modern Hostess blog. Thanks!

  23. Thanks so much for these amazing freebies, just found your site via facebook/sugardoodle. Thanks for all your amazing work, time, and for sharing. Visit me back, I have a new blog and would love to have u visit anytime. Chat soon, Andi at

  24. muffin darling!!

    these valentines are fantastic! i love arrows and will definitely be making a few of these!

    hope you are well!


  25. Lisa

    Cute! I’ve been going back and forth on whether to do valentine’s for my son’s class or not (only about half the families are) but these are convincing me to do them. I think we’ll try crayons.

  26. Kimberly

    Very clever! Thank you so much for posting a free download.

  27. Julie P

    sooo cute! Thanks so much! I saw this and knew I finally had a reason to buy some shiny paper! 😀 I got a pack of 25 sheets of “core-dinations Cardmaker Series Pearls” for $3.99 at Joann’s. That’s more than enough to make them for all 3 of my kids’ classmates and teachers. Perfect with Pixie Sticks!

  28. Shane Grimes

    These are so sweet! My daughter is thrilled that she gets to give these to her 4th grade class. Thank you very much for this free download! 🙂

  29. Laura

    My son also chose these to make for his class. Thank you so much for the great idea!

  30. Mari

    Thank you for this wonderful freebie! I am having a problem downloading it. Can you help?

  31. Thank you so much for these!!! I have made them for my two sons and friends. I think you are a creative genius!! They printed out beautifully on some heavier stock. I have also blogged them! Great idea!
    x Ainslie

  32. ascharn

    This is Awesome! Thank you! I used with glowstick bracelets from Dollar Tree! Excellent!

  33. Thanks for this! I used your printable but instead of glitter pencils (the age of child getting these is 1-2 years old), I had a bunch of glow stick bracelets that I used! Perfect, and exceptionally cheap to get at the Dollar Tree or the Dollar Spot at Target!

    Thanks again!

  34. Shannon

    Hi, these are just adorable! We’re using them with glow-stick bracelets for my son’s class. Found you through The Crafty Crow, thanks so much!

  35. AJ

    Thank you so much! My daughter had picked a much more difficult valentine to do and this is a life saver! Thank you, thank you!

  36. Thanks everyone for all of the sweet comments. I’m so glad that so many of you are enjoying this freebie! I hope to have lots of other fun freebies in the future!

  37. Thanks – I made these today with my daughter – fun and easy!

  38. Cristina

    Thanks so much for this wonderful freebie. Although here in Argentina we don’t celebrate Valentine’s day,I’m making them for my kid’s playgroup at Gymboree 🙂

  39. Misty

    Made these for my 3rd grader’s class- they are doing a no sweets Valentines too and we were going to create a fun card on the cricut but ran out of time, these were better and so easy- we bought pencils at the dollar store and paid .08 a valentine…plus now my daughter and some new pencils too!

  40. MelodyA.

    Thank you! So adorable.

  41. thank you for being so generous with your creativity 🙂 i was looking for a simple farewell gift for my colleagues and stumbled upon your post. i will replace “happy valentine’s day” with a heartfelt “thank you” and slot in a pen instead of a pencil, though. thanks again!

  42. DianeMargaret Miller

    These are SO great!!!
    My young daughter only has a few people to give things to, right now. I was thinking these would be cool but I think I’ll pay a little extra and get some of the pinker colored HONEY STICKS (cinnamon flavored, I think) Can I get a YAY for nature’s “candy”!!!
    In a year or two, I won’t be able to slip natural sweets past her and Honey Sticks are a personal favorite!!! LOL

  43. Greetings. I think there is a problem with your links. I hope it is possible to fix it!

  44. Christen Sussin

    Absolutely wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  45. Thanks for sharing these. Love them, found your blog via Pinterest!

  46. Richelle

    Thank’s a bunch for sharing this adorable printable idea!!!

  47. Holly

    Thank you for sharing! My son will be handing these out in his pre-school classroom. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  48. Cheri

    Wow!! What a wonderful idea. It’s appropriate for all ages. I plan to make some to take to our local Senior Center and Nursing/Residential Centers, too. I won’t leave out my grandchildren, either. Please add my e-mail address to your mailing list. Thanks.

  49. Beautiful printable – a favorite with my little girl in love with the BRAVE movie. We featured your printable at

  50. Wow, a million comments here! Alex is using these for her valentines this year and so is my friend for her two kids!

  51. Cindy

    Sorry is this questions was asked/answered already!
    What kind of paper did you use? Cardstock?

  52. Tara

    Thank you so much for these fabulous printables! I’m using them this year with glow sticks I found in the dollar section at Target (15 for $1! Wahoo!) They really are perfectly easy, and are absolutely fantastic. Thank you again.

  53. This is so great! Thanks for sharing!!!

  54. These are beautiful! I just came over form HGTV and would love to link to these if you didn’t mind.

  55. Absolutely brilliant! I am new to blogging and I’ve shared this on my blog (:


  56. Marianne

    This is such a great (and sugar-free!) idea! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  57. Callista

    Thank you so much for a great idea!!! Passing it on to my sister!;-)

  58. Cindy

    My second grade daughter loved these when I showed her. She’s so excited!!! They are sooooo cute!! Can’t wait

  59. Ross

    This was the most fun and easiest Valentines ever!!!!

    Thank you so much. My 5 year old daughter is filling out the cupid arrows for all her classmates and friends. We are having more fun then ever!!!!

  60. Ashley

    Please add me to your list to get blog updates in email.

    Thank you.

  61. Emmie

    Thank you so much for your wonderful valentines artwork. My Son will love taking these to hand out in class. You are so talented!

    Much appreciated!

  62. Love, Love, Love this!! My daughters and I have been looking for the perfect idea for their class valentine’s, and they went crazy for this! Thanks so much!!

  63. Addie

    Thank you!!! love these. Doing them with target dolla pencils!!

  64. Brittany

    Looking on pinterest today and saw your free printable… my son randomly picked pencils to give out to his pre-K class and now they won’t look so lame with just a tied on piece of paper with his name on it. Now I will look like such a creative, crafty, mom! THANKS!

  65. Mrs Buckel

    Thanks for sharing your creativity and talents with those of us who value simple beauty!

  66. kristi

    My son would love to make these for his classmates however we keep getting a pop up that states ” The selected document can not be opened”

    • How are you trying to open the file? You should be able to open it via Adobe Acrobat. It is free to download. Hope that helps.

  67. I loved these so much I had to post and link on my blog.

  68. Thank you so much for the alternative to store bought Valentine’s for my kiddos. This year we’re making 3 class sets of them! 🙂 Happy <3 Day to you!!!

  69. Andrea Winbigler

    Thanks for this freebie! I found this on Pinterest and just printed them for my son’s school valentine’s. We will be putting Sixlets candy in them instead of pencils. I like the pencil idea, but he wants to give a candy valentine this year.

  70. Thanks for this freebie! Your art is beautiful and we used this for my son’s preschool Valentines. xoxo

  71. kbirdcarr

    Thanks so much for this free download! I love both the “girl” and “boy” versions. My first grade daughter is into bows and arrows since the movie Brave came out. She is thrilled to give out arrow cards. Thanks again for making these available to all!

  72. mae

    Love this! Thanks for the download 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day!

  73. Johanna

    I’m putting these together right now for my 6th graders. Such a great idea. I love how it incorperates a pencil, they are going to get more than enough candy tomorrow as it is:)

  74. These are adorable! I just pinned them.

    <3 Christina @ I Gotta Create!
    Wildly Original link party is open.

  75. Hannah

    My son loved these! Thanks for sharing.

  76. Thank you! Nothing like waiting til the last minute!

  77. Holly

    Done, done and shared. These gems saved our day!! All 3 kids were thrilled to make (we used sugar candy straws – 10 for $1) and will give away at school tomorrow. THANK YOU and happy almost <3 Day.

  78. Super cute! Thank you for these! I design printables as well, and I homeschool! I thought I would mix up my kiddo’s Valentine’s bucket with some of my own creations as well as others to give them some variety (and save me a little time)! They are going to love these!

    Thanks again!


  79. Nancy Abrams

    Thank you for this great free printable. My son will be giving away pencils this Valentine’s Day!

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