I wanted to show you some of the detail and inspiration for Char’s Vintage Tea Party. Below is a board created to capture the look and feel of the party. I always choose a color palette first. Mostly I used red, pink and a pale blue. Then, it was all about the patterns. If I had really planned ahead, I would have used my patterns, shown below, and had them printed onto fabric, using spoonflower. That would have been awesome! But yeah, who can plan that far ahead……


The invitation set the whole theme and feel that I really wanted for the tea party. I also wanted an excuse to use my calligraphy. I first hand wrote Char’s name and then scanned it in. After that it was as easy as finding some patterns in my “stash” that I had already designed and changing the colors a bit to fit into the theme.

I also chose to do hand calligraphy on each of the girl’s envelopes for the invitations. It was fun to practice.


For the activities we made simple beaded necklaces from a kit at Michael’s, and played this great tea party game from Land of Nod. It was adorable and  really easy for the girls to play.

There’s all the details. Now you can go and plan your own Vintage Tea Party. If you want to see more pictures of the party, visit this post. Thanks.


  1. what a sweet party. if only i had some little girls over here to celebrate!
    the invitations are perfect and your calligraphy is beautiful! i would love a tutorial on how to get your calligraphy from paper to computer and still looking so sharp!
    love, lindsay

  2. beautiful. love it all. LOVE cath kidston. my girls had her bedding for the longest time. just switched it this summer 🙁

  3. kj

    where did you learn calligraphy?

  4. Julie

    That is one of the cutest parties I could imagine- love the inspiration board-Please create more and give us ideas for tweens and teens You are amazing. Who is Cath Kidston???

  5. Erika

    I love your invitation! I’ve been looking for something like this with these colors. Would you ever consider selling this on etsy?

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