About 5 weeks ago I started an online textile design class from Michelle Fifis of Pattern Observer. I’m loving every minute of it and have already learned so much! I can hardly wait to go to SURTEX 2013. That’s a very soft goal I have right now. Wow, I said it! I can’t wait! Now, if only I can make it to SURTEX in NYC this year, so I might actually know what to do when I show in 2013.


I really like where this collection is going. I imagine this being used for little girls dress, or an apon. I love Spring!


  1. Rachel

    Love it! I love the big flowery print with the white back ground in the popsy line! Both lines are so cute! Great job!

  2. Love it all, especially the top left one!

  3. Love all of these!

  4. love the collection Muffin – very cute and fresh.

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