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Inspired Art Challenge Entries for

I had a blast coming up with these designs for the Inspired Art Challenge. I love trying my hand at calligraphy and with the (new to me) width tool in CS6 (which I finally upgraded this week from CS4, ouch) made it easier than ever!!! I love it! These first two prints feature my hand calligraphy.

Small And Precious

After reading in Isaiah 55:2, I realized that I needed to be spending as much time stuffing my soul as I did my stomach.

Fat Soul

This print, of course, was inspired by my daughter, Charlotte. I just think this would be so cute in a little girl’s room. Owl’s are still hot right?

HootAir Balloon

And another sweet print for a little girl’s room. My sister is having a baby girl soon and maybe I’ll get this printed and give it to her for a gift.

Button Blossom


My husband, Chris, also submitted a few designs! I just love his illustrations. The second one is from an original block printing he did in school and handed out as Christmas cards. Love these both.

We would love for you to take a few minutes and vote for our designs, just click on the photo or the link below them. Thanks a million!






Minted Holiday Photo Card Challenge

This is my first time submitting designs to Minted for the Joy to the World Holiday Photo Card Challenge. I procrastinated way too long.

I would love for you to hop on over to Minted and vote for my designs, as well as any more designs that you think are amazing! There are so many talented designers. I can hardly believe it! Let me know what you think and I’d love it if you Pinned these images on Pinterest or tweeted them or Facebooked them! Thanks for supporting all of us designers out there! Hope your weekend was amazing just like mine. I spent the weekend barbecuing, swimming, and celebrating all the fathers in my life. Now it’s time to get back to work. I’ll keep you posted on all the fun projects I’m working on. Have a great week!

Father’s Day Card Free Printable + Mustache Ideas

Does your Dad have a Mustache? Or does has he ever had a Mustache? Then this is the card for you. Neither my dad or my father-in-law have a mustache, so I chose to add the inside text to their cards, but you could just print the outside. I’ve also included some pretty sweet DIY Mustache ideas for all of you people who need a last minute gift idea. I know I always do.


5 Almost FREE Mustache gifts for Dad

1. DIY Mustache Key Chain

2. FREE Masters of Disguise Download

3. Mustache Soup Bowls, or try making your own with a ceramic pen

4. Use a black Fabric Marker to Paint him some Mustache Pillows, or sew some with black felt or fabric

5. Make him a Mustache Plate



father’s day pancakes and a free card printable

In Chris’s family, it’s tradition to make Dad some pancakes that look like him on Father’s Day. It just so happens to be a great activity with the kids as well. Plus, who doesn’t love playing with their food.

My husband and I have a few favorite songs from Of Montreal that just go right along with our relationship. This one because Chris first told me that he loved me while kissing me in the grass. And this one because no one likes to eat pancakes alone. And that’s the basis for this FREE Father’s Day Card Printable. Part of the lyrics are “Pancakes for one are no fun, because eating pancakes with you is such fun!” It’s so true! I love eating pancakes. In fact, I always chose pancakes over waffles growing up.

I wanted the card to have a very free flowing feel to it. So with some black ink and paintbrush in hand, I created the words for this free download.

To make the pancakes, simply use fruit and whipped cream to make a face. You can use blueberries, oranges, apples, strawberries, bananas, just whatever you have on had.

To create the chandelier thing, I just used my “practice” lettering and cut them out and then tied them onto an embroidery ring, along with some spoons. Then, using some washi tape, I added a little pattern. I think it added some fun texture to the whole scene. I’m also including a download for the text in black that you can use to make this little chandelier if you want too.



This card is for personal use only and not for resale. Enjoy!




uncommon goods iphone case design challenge

I submitted these 5 designs for the Uncommon Goods iphone case design challenge. I heard about it after reading about it on the papernstitch blog. I only had one day to destign them, so I used a few designs that I already had, plus designed this psychedelic boho butterfly print. Which print, I think, would look great on a women’s dress or shirt made of fine linen. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Let me know which print is your favorite. I’ll keep ya posted if I make it to the final round and will need your help voting for me!




Hope all of you had a good week and have a great weekend. I’m getting my hair colored this color and can hardly wait!


If you’re wondering where I got the iphone psd template, I started with this file and made some changes accordingly.

wedding invitation with custom calligraphy

I’m so happy with the way this invitation turned out. This was my first time trying calligraphy with Adobe Illustrator CS5 variable width tool. So fun! I’m so happy CS6 came out and want it so bad, especially since I’m still using CS4. But, it does cost a pretty penny. But hey, it’s a business expense right!  Plus I really want to try the pattern tool in Illustrator Cs6.

I love the stripe on the back too. Chelsea even put washi tape on the back of her envelopes. Too cute huh?

If you would like a custom wedding invitation feel free to email me!

kids kitchen hutch before and after pictures

Well, it’s taken me 10 months to finish this kitchen hutch for Charlotte. The hardest part was getting the old paint off. There were at least 3 layers of the stuff. And one of those, I’m almost positive, was lead paint. It was so sticky and ooey gooey. I used the orange goo to get the paint off. Some places I had to do that twice. I’d say that taking the paint off took the longest to do.

There are two great things about this project that just make me smile. ONE, this was my Mother-in-Law, Leslie’s, hutch when she was a little girl. Her and her sister, Laurie, used to play with it when they were kids. How cool is that! When Leslie went to California in August of last year she brought this back with her to Utah and dropped if off to me, hoping that I would finish it. Leslie says she always remembered it being white, but you can see in the pictures, that it was an aqua color before that. I wished I could have saved the original paint, but that would be very difficult to just take off one layer of paint. Oh, and when I took of the first layer of paint on the doors, there were these adorable hand painted flowers. I really WISH I could have saved those, but just didn’t know how. And, TWO!!! The paint was free!!! I got a coupon at Alt Summit for a free gallon of Sherwin Williams Paint. So, I got 2 quarts instead. One of a primer white and the other in this Aquatint.

So, guess how much I paid to get refinish the whole thing? You wouldn’t believe me if I told you…..


Knobs= $2 a piece, so $12. I could have used the old ones, but thought they looked a little to shabby for the bright fun happy color of the aqua. I picked them up at this great vintage store in SLC, called Abode.

Paint thinner= $10

Total cost= $22!!! Not bad for a custom cute kids kitchen hutch. Wow, say that 10 times.



I can’t believe how much Char has changed in 10 months. This is her before and after picture with the hutch.





She insisted on wearing these vintage flower clip-on earrings I found this past week in Florence, Colorado. More of that fun antique shopping trip soon.

And, here’s the hutch again. I’m so happy with the way it turned out! It just brightens up her room so much. Next on my list, painting her room.