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Snow Cone Birthday Party Inspiration Board

Ok, Susan (from Freshly Picked), you asked and I delivered. Not that I consider myself a party planner extraordinaire, but I do love a good challenge. Especially when it involves one of my favorite Summer treats. I was inspired by this photo on Pinterest for the color palette. I just thought it screamed SUMMMER PARTY!!!


Start by making the party favor bags. I would just use brown paper lunch bags and then print these fun labels, that I designed onto blank sticker paper and close them. (You will need Avery 2 inch Round Labels, product number 22807). Buy some bulk candy and add these adorable little snow cone barretts and you’re set!



Repeatable Snow Cone Pattern that could be printed on fabric and used for napkins, or a table cloth. I also think it would be fun to draw on butcher paper a pattern similar to this one below and let  kids color while waiting for other guests to arrive.




Ez from Creature Comforts has the cutest tutorial for snow cone paper garland. I actually had the pleasure of meeting Ez in person, she is so sweet and so personable. I’m so glad we met! And her blog is just as sweet as she is.

Also, if you’re considering making a photo backdrop, use large sheets of butcher paper and a giant cheap paintbrush and paint some diagonal stripes across the back. Similar to the pattern on the back of the invitations. Make sure to do that on the ground though, so the paint won’t run.


These mini wooden spoons make eating snow cones super fun, plus they’re miniature size just like your guests. You could also serve the snow cones in these mini paper cups. You might even consider painting them a variety of colors on the ends like this.

I’d love to try these gourmet ones from Fresher than Fresh, whose flavors are all natural and made from home. Try mainking your own natural flavorings for snow cones like this one or this one. Oh, and don’t forget the cream! Yes, as in real dairy cream, just pour it on top. Amazing the difference in flavor it makes! Buy it local if you can. (Yes, I’m putting a word in for Dairy Farmers, just because I grew up on one and my parents still live on one with plenty of dairy cows.)


Customizable Invitations, just add your daughter’s name. And Sticker Labels for the grab bags.



Make a snow cone shaped chalkboard with the list of flavors and your daughters age and birthday.


Well, that about sums up what I thought would make a great Summer Snow Cone Party for your daughter! Good luck Susan!