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Lilla Rogers Class Review MATS B

Little did I know that when I signed up for this class back in January, that I would be 9 months pregnant when the class started in October! That being said, I’m so glad I took the class, even though I wasn’t able to finish one of the assignments during week 4, due to a newborn and other complications that I don’t care to share here.

But, what I do want to share is how amazingly talented all of the students were in this class. I felt like we were all trying to one up each other with how awesomely talented we all were. It made me want to do my very very best! I was a little afraid that I would be intimidated and then lack the confidence to do my best work, but that’s not how it worked it all. In fact, it was the complete opposite. Taking this course with Lilla was like having a mini cheerleader by your side cheering you on, telling you how incredible you are and that there is room enough for all of our designs in the world. That manufacturers and companies need our amazing art in order to sell their products and that people buy my joy! I tried to have joy in every piece that I created.

Week one: Paper Goods

I had a lot of fun drawing tons of different ornaments. I probably spent the most time on this weeks assignment, but wished I had gone a slightly different route. I got caught up in creating just ornaments and candy, which was part of the mini assignment, that I forgot to explore outside of the box. A lot of my fellow students created stunning pieces with adorable little characters. I love drawing cute characters, and I don’t know why I didn’t draw any, but that’s ok. I still think the end result turned out super fun. And I explored some different techniques that I really enjoyed creating. Our assignment was to draw two holiday cards, but only submit one to the flickr group. The one on the top is the one I submitted. I had fun doing the calligraphy as well.



Week Two: Baby Apparel

Um…my specialty right? Right! I had so much freakin’ fun doing this assignment. I feel like I went a little overboard even. I mean come on….these characters are just too cute right? Lilla featured my artwork on her review this week. Which I was super pumped about! She loved the mustache on the beaver. As do I. I could totally see this artwork being used at Gap, Target or Gymboree. Can’t you? Maybe I’ll submit it and see if anything comes of it! That’s one thing I learned from taking this class is not to be afraid to submit my work. I think I’m afraid of rejection and so I never submit my work anywhere, like ever. I can’t be afraid anymore! I have to be willing to take some risks, even if it means taking a little rejection along the way! I even ended up drawing the characters three different times until I got the right look. I like how they don’t have any arms, only legs. Floating marshmallows and fishing poles are always fun!




Week Three: Scrapbooking

Not exactly my favorite category. I don’t know why I dislike scrapbooking so much…maybe it’s because scrapbooking is HUGE in Utah! I mean HUGE!!! Whole stores dedicated to just Scrapbooking. It seems to consume the handcrafting market around here. And all I can think, is I can do that, but I don’t want to because I don’t like the way people will use it… Is that strange of me? I guess I should be excited to share my art with others and hope that by creating it, it will help make their projects that much more beautiful and interesting right? Right!

This week, I gave birth to a baby! So, I don’t know how I even managed to get this assignment in on time. But I did. There was one late night in particular where baby would not go to sleep, so I just held him in my lap and tried to design… and this is the end result. I like the colors, but feel it could have been a bit stronger if I had spent a little more time on it.


Week Four: Editorial

I wasn’t looking forward to this week at all. And with some health issues going on this week with me and all the time that consumes a new mom after having a baby, I didn’t complete the assignment. It was to draw a map of where you live. It felt so overwhelming at the time, that I just knew I couldn’t do it…. I would still like to give it a try though. I know it would be a huge challenge for me, but totally worth it!


Week Five: Party Paper

Another fun week! All week long I was dreading doing this assignment, thinking, how am I going to get this done with a newborn? But then, I buckled down Saturday afternoon and just did it! I had only managed to get in maybe an hour of sketching earlier in the week. But I had enough research and information to finish up the job. Thank goodness to for having some blank templates I could use to make this piece look professional! Uhg! I’m so happy with the way it turned it. And who knew folk art could be so inspirational. It took my artwork to a whole nother level! I love the colors and I love the composition! I would totally buy these party pieces for a party. Wouldn’t you?




Overall, I must say, being amongst such incredible talent was so inspirational. I can’t believe how many people complemented me and encouraged me throughout the class. And how much support I felt from strangers after having a baby, one of my greatest creations during this class! Thank you to everyone who encouraged me and supported me in this class. I had so much fun working along side all of you. Lilla certainly knows her stuff and it was such a blast working with her! Thank you Lilla for your inspiration throughout the course! Truly you have a gift and I’m grateful to have gotten just a glimpse into what makes you you, and how I can continue to create art that makes me Happy and share that with others! Thank you!

Marvelous Things to Make by Muffin!

It’s time for another freebie over on the blog for Petite Lemon! This time it’s these super fun Halloween Masks. You can download them over here! These would make great last minute costume ideas! There are three masks available, a fox mask, a kitty cat bandit mask and an owl mask. Just add string or a stick and you’ve got an easy Halloween costume!


Plus they come in two different sizes, adult and kid! Happy Halloween friends!


New Growth Chart & Onesies at PetiteLemon

There’s a new growth chart available for purchase on! Her name is Lily June and she’s a mermaid! Don’t you think every little girl deserves some color and imagination in their rooms? I know my daughter Charlotte does, and this is the one she’s chosen just for her! In fact, I’m ordering the blonde haired mermaid for her soon. Especially since we just redecorated the nursery. I’ll make sure to post pictures soon of the finished room.



I plan on ordering one of these onesies for the new baby when he’s born, hopefully in the next 2 weeks! I’m so ready!




You can purchase the icons baby onesie here and the adorable giraffe onesie here.

Free downloads with Petite Lemon!

I just had to share with you a few freebies that I’ve recently done for Petite Lemon!

The first being these adorable Circus Embroidery Rings.


They are super easy to make and can be done in an afternoon with your little one.

And the second freebie is this fun coloring page for your little one. Go here to download the file!



There’s a lot more of these freebies to come, so stay posted on the Petite Lemon Blog, where you’ll find lots of inspiration for your nursery!

Maternity and Family Photo Shoot


I recently told you about a t-shirt that I designed for Team Kelli, a beautiful woman and mother of three, fighting brain cancer. Her incredibly sweet sister, Lori, who also happens to be a great photographer, asked me to design this t-shirt a few months ago. In exchange, I asked if she wouldn’t mind taking some Maternity/Family Photos of me and my family and she happily agreed.

I think they all turned out so great! I couldn’t be happier! Thank you Lori for taking these for us! I feel so blessed and ever so loved! And we are getting especially excited to meet this little guy in 3 weeks or less! Crazy to think about, but we are so ready!

Just click on the image to make it bigger…








And this one just melts my heart! Oh how I love these two!


Thank you so much Lori for taking these for us! You are incredible!




Fight for Brain Cancer with Kelli!

A few months ago, Lori Romney, an amazing photographer, contacted me about designing a t-shirt for her sister, Kelli, who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. Of course, I said yes! Lori was so sweet, and I’m sure that her sister is just as sweet, especially with the great attitude she has. Here is what Lori said about her sister.



Photo Credit: Lori Romney Photography


‘ “Kelli Thurgood was diagnosed with Astrocytoma Grade 3 brain cancer in February of 2013 and has been an inspiration to everyone around her ever since. She had surgery to remove her tumor and almost immediately after waking up AND finding out she had cancer she posted this to all her family and friends waiting on the news: “I’m awake and feeling really good!! Surgery went great!! Tumor is cancerous which totally sucks, but don’t panic because I’m NOT going to die and I WILL fight this thing. We won’t know what kind of cancer and all those details for a little while, but I’ll keep you posted. Keep the faith, guys!! God is good!!” ‘

Kelli and her family aren’t even going to keep any of the money raised from selling these shirts, instead, all money raised is going to charity, other cancer patients, and cancer research! That’s pretty awesome don’t you think!

This is the design that I did. What a great cause to support.







my MOYO directory & a new LOGO!!!



I finally got around to uploading images to my MOYO Directory. The Moyo Directory is home to surface pattern designers across the world! I’m so happy to be among such talent! It really is exciting to finally have a place where ALL surface pattern designers can view each others work, but most importantly so that Manufacturers and Buyers and Art Directors can easily find the style they are looking for. I was actually just thinking about this earlier in the year, how awesome it would be to have a website like that! And now, here it is! Not only is there a Moyo Directory, but there is also a Moyo Magazine! A place to keep up with all things surface pattern! Plus there is always great interviews from other designers that just makes you want to scream with joy! People that I admire and have admired forever, like Amy Butler! Yes please!




I even took the time to put my patterns into collections. Check out a few that I updated and named. Which one is your favorite?







Go check out my profile and you can spread the word too!


Also, this is my new logo! What do you think? I realize this is like my third logo revision in a little over a year, but I can’t help myself! It’s just oh so much fun! I’ve gone through lots of logo changes as I’ve developed as a designer! Wanna see them all? Here ya go! I feel like all of them, with the exception of my College logo, has the same hand drawn feel. I love how this final logo has turned out and plan on using it for many years to come! What do you think? Do you like it?




Why the new logo? Well, I plan on getting a new site up before I start this class with Lilla Rogers. Speaking of the Make Art that Sells class…..It starts in like 2 weeks! I can hardly wait! It would be a dream come true to work with an Agent as awesome as Lilla Rogers! Aren’t all of the artists she represents just make you smile? I love so many of them and have looked up to so many of them for a while….Suzy Ultman, Helen Dardik and Carolyn Gavin! Hello, can you say talented ladies!

I just really want to make a good first impression and I want a place to show all of my work, especially my patterns! So for now, the Moyo Directory is perfect, but I’m hoping that through my new website I’ll have a place to show all my work and hopefully attract buyers and manufacturers alike.