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#365patterns No. 35 & 36

I love updating pattern colors with the Adobe Kuler plug in for Illustrator. Have any of you used it before? It’s such a great resource to have and know about. Especially when you want to quickly come up with some different color ways for patterns. Like seen in this example.



Which colorway is your favorite?




#365patterns-No. 21, 22 & 23

I’m just playing catch up here, knowing I need at least 60 patterns by now! Uhg! So, I’m up-cycling some patterns from afar, and will continue to do so for a while until I’m caught up.

Don’t you think these patterns would look so cute on a little girls notebook or dress?

#365patterns_strawberrydream-01 #365patterns_strawberrydream-02 #365patterns_strawberrydream-03

#365patterns- No.15 & 16

Here’s a few patterns taken from my sketchbook while I was doodling waiting for my daughter to get done with preschool. I really should sketch more….Do you always sketch first before designing a pattern?





And here’s the sketch it was taken from.



#365patterns- No.13 & 14

I know I came into this game a little late, so I’m posting 2 today. Both of these are just redesigns, mostly color wise, of patterns that I did years ago. But hey, who says you can’t revamp an old pattern! I may just have to do that more in order to get my #365 patterns!#365patterns_justplum-01 #365patterns_justpoppy