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#365patterns- No. 68-74, Cottage Laines

That’s right! Since I got so far behind I’m counting each of these patterns as a pattern. There are actually only 4 patterns, but 2 different colorways. I’m allowed to do that right?

I see these patterns going on home decor, like pillows, chairs and curtains. Don’t you think these would be so cute in a cottage home? That’s why these patterns are called Cottage Laines. My two favorite of these patterns are on the pillows! Which one is your favorite?







#365patterns_cottagelaine-02 #365patterns_cottagelaine-01





#365patterns – No. 66 & 67, Char’s Happy Flowers

My daughter, Char, drew me some flowers and I decided to make a pattern out of them. Then she wanted a Happy Spring outfit to go with them. What do you think? Would you dress your little girl in this outfit?#365patterns_happyCharflower-01



Imagine the butterfly is a large applique sewn on and the text is embroidered. At the bottom of the shirt is gathered yellow tulle. The pants are a comfortable stretch knit. And the headband has a sweet embroidered flower on it as well. I would love to hear your feedback!


#365patterns – No. 64 & 65 and Baby Girl Outfit

Wow, I know I haven’t posted for a while and now I’m WAY behind on this whole 365 patterns thing, but hey….. I haven’t given up yet!


I’ve always wanted to design children’s clothing and after I designed this pattern, I just knew I had to put it into practice. Isn’t this so cute? If I ever have another little girl, I may just need to print me some fabric and sew me up one of these, bonnet included!




This one would be an applique on a fat romper. I’ve always wanted a fat baby, not sure if I’ll ever get one! Ha ha! My daughter was born thin, after her daddy of course.