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#365patterns – No. 88-91, Boy Aliens Pattern



Aliens! These were drawn by my amazing husband years ago, but I still think that they would make a great pattern for little boys. Like wrapping paper or sheets. Too fun! You may be asking why I’m highlighting these patterns today? Well, today is Chris’ 32nd Birthday! And well, he’s pretty amazing! And I feel so lucky to have him in my life! So these are for him! Happy Birthday Chris!

#365patterns_aliens-01 #365patterns_aliens-02 #365patterns_aliens-03 #365patterns_aliens-04

#365patterns – No.81-85

I’m playing catch-up! Apparently I’m supposed to be on pattern number 121 if I had designed a pattern a day since Jan. 1, 2013. But, here’s the deal…I came in late….grrr! Add that to other things that have come up, and I’m late in the game. So, to make up, I’m including some oldies, but goodies! Here’s to hoping I can catch up before the middle of the year! Yee haw!

Which one is your favorite? I love the psychedelic butterfly one because It’s so unlike me and my style!#365patterns_oldies-01 #365patterns_oldies-02 #365patterns_oldies-03 #365patterns_oldies-04 #365patterns_oldies-05

#365patterns-#80 Front Row Society Submission

Inspired by the coral reefs, this pattern, Aricoral, was used in the Front Row Society Submission for African Heat. If you’d like to submit an entry, you still have a few days. I had so much fun making the pattern. It was based off of this pattern that I did a few days ago, but I amped it up a bit! I love the color palette and I think this would look great on a swimsuit don’t you?


Starting on the 16th you can start voting. So please go and vote for all of your favorites!