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#365patterns- No.109,110 & 111

Wow, I’ve really been slacking, I’m WAY WAY behind on this whole #365patterns thing, but hey, at least I’m still moving forward. That’s what’s most important right?

I love the happy colors in these birthday patterns. I could definitely see these as wrapping paper! You?






Petite Lemon Growth Charts and Alphabet Posters

Can I just say that I love working with Petite Lemon! I had the most fun designing these Growth Charts and Alphabet Posters for them. And I can hardly wait to get my hands on this Vintage Circus Growth Chart for Baby #2! I just know it’s going to look adorable in the Nursery! And the best part is they are printed on this heavy weight canvas that I know will last a lifetime!

You can purchase the Vintage Circus Growth Chart here and the adorable Giraffe one here.





The Modern Lines Alphabet Poster can be purchased here and the Iconic Fun Alphabet Poster here.



Petite Lemon Projects

I promise I haven’t just been sitting on the couch watching soap operas and eating bon bons! Here’s a few of my latest tee shirt designs for Petite Lemon! I love working with Petite Lemon! They really do let my creative powers shine! My favorites are the animal ones! Aren’t those fun? All of the shirts can be purchased here! I just wish I would have had one of these cute shirts for Char’s first birthday! For sure with this next one! Which one is your favorite?


muffingrayson_favorite_tees_petitelemon-01 muffingrayson_favorite_tees_petitelemon-02 muffingrayson_favorite_tees_petitelemon-03 muffingrayson_favorite_tees_petitelemon-04 muffingrayson_favorite_tees_petitelemon-05 muffingrayson_favorite_tees_petitelemon-06 muffingrayson_favorite_tees_petitelemon-07 muffingrayson_favorite_tees_petitelemon-08 muffingrayson_favorite_tees_petitelemon-09 muffingrayson_favorite_tees_petitelemon-10

Where have I been?

Wow! Some of you may be wondering where I have been? Well…first and foremost I wanted to tell you all that I’m PREGNANT!!!

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 1.20.54 PM


This is me at 25 weeks with my best friend, Jet! You can follow me on Instagram if you want to stay updated!

This has been a long process and we couldn’t be more thrilled! We are due with a baby boy end of October. The first 12 weeks were a little rough, but I’m back on the band wagon and feeling great. I definitely need to start posting a pattern a day again now that I’m feeling much better. But it’s been kind of tricky to stay on top of work and getting ready for baby. My 5 year old daughter, Charlotte, couldn’t be happier and in her words, “I can’t wait for baby to sleep in my room!” Ha ha!

I wanted to introduce you to a few things! First are 2 Pinterest boards that I’ve had private but am now making Public. A Maternity one and a Nursery one. I’ve had so much fun planning out and designing the nursery. In fact, just today I’ve been going crazy with the spray paint, painting a lamp and a soon to be pendant light shade for the room. We’ve had to make some adjustments to the room, like a loft bed for Char, but I’m so glad we did, it really opened up the space. I wanted to also share with you my Nursery inspiration board. It’s been fun coming up with it. Although I’ve changed some things since I did the board, but that’s ok. Design is always about change.

nautical_nursery_ideas-01If you’re wondering about where any of these items can be found, most of them can be found on my Pinterest Nursery Board. I found the Dwell Studio black and white polkadot fabric at HomeFabrics for just $8/yd. It retails for $30/yd! I love finding a good deal. I’m still debating about the rug….I guess I should just order it! I want a touch of orange in the room. The nursery is really small, only about 10x10ft, so I’ve had to adjust some things. I’ll make sure and post lots of pictures when I’m done!

Well, I’ll try to keep on on posting more regularly here, but no guarantees…my health and the health of the baby take first priority! Oh, and my happiness too of course! May your days be joyful!