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#365patterns- No.127-129

Inspired today by this color palette and the desert. Probably because my swamp cooler is broken and my office faces South. It’s very warm today to say the least! Plus being almost 8 months pregnant doesn’t help either! Uhg! But at least the patterns turned out hot! Ha ha!





New Minted Designs

I had so much fun designing these banners for the kid’s decor challenge over at Minted. I’d love for you to go and vote for my designs. Just click on the image and it will take you to my design.

This design was inspired, of course, by my daughter Charlotte. She just loves bright colors and she makes me so happy every day!



The inspiration behind this one was the song, “You Are My Sunshine” which I love singing every night to my daughter before she goes to bed. I thought this one would add so much personality to a room without overwhelming the decor that was already present in a child’s room.


I also designed a wrapping paper featuring the families name. I love the vintage modern feel it has. And the colors are my favorite.



Sweet Baby Grey

My good friend, Rachael, recently had a baby girl. They named her Grey. Isn’t she sweet? I asked if I could “practice” taking photos of her to get ready for when baby boy arrives in October.

The lighting in her house was perfect and well, Rachael is beautiful! Don’t you agree?

Rachael had picked out this series of photos as her inspiration and told me she wanted simple white. White is so pure and with great lighting I really didn’t have to do much editing to the photos. Thank you Rachael for letting me “practice” on sweet baby Grey!