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my MOYO directory & a new LOGO!!!



I finally got around to uploading images to my MOYO Directory. The Moyo Directory is home to surface pattern designers across the world! I’m so happy to be among such talent! It really is exciting to finally have a place where ALL surface pattern designers can view each others work, but most importantly so that Manufacturers and Buyers and Art Directors can easily find the style they are looking for. I was actually just thinking about this earlier in the year, how awesome it would be to have a website like that! And now, here it is! Not only is there a Moyo Directory, but there is also a Moyo Magazine! A place to keep up with all things surface pattern! Plus there is always great interviews from other designers that just makes you want to scream with joy! People that I admire and have admired forever, like Amy Butler! Yes please!




I even took the time to put my patterns into collections. Check out a few that I updated and named. Which one is your favorite?







Go check out my profile and you can spread the word too!


Also, this is my new logo! What do you think? I realize this is like my third logo revision in a little over a year, but I can’t help myself! It’s just oh so much fun! I’ve gone through lots of logo changes as I’ve developed as a designer! Wanna see them all? Here ya go! I feel like all of them, with the exception of my College logo, has the same hand drawn feel. I love how this final logo has turned out and plan on using it for many years to come! What do you think? Do you like it?




Why the new logo? Well, I plan on getting a new site up before I start this class with Lilla Rogers. Speaking of the Make Art that Sells class…..It starts in like 2 weeks! I can hardly wait! It would be a dream come true to work with an Agent as awesome as Lilla Rogers! Aren’t all of the artists she represents just make you smile? I love so many of them and have looked up to so many of them for a while….Suzy Ultman, Helen Dardik and Carolyn Gavin! Hello, can you say talented ladies!

I just really want to make a good first impression and I want a place to show all of my work, especially my patterns! So for now, the Moyo Directory is perfect, but I’m hoping that through my new website I’ll have a place to show all my work and hopefully attract buyers and manufacturers alike.