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Tutorial: How to hang to your Tea Towel Calendar


My 2015 Tea Towel Calendars are now for sale in my Spoonflower Shop. But, if you’d like to make it look super polished when you hang it up, simply follow these instructions.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Tea Towel Calendar

• 4, 18″ pieces of wood from Home Depot. They look like this. And cost about 46 cents a foot. At my Home Depot, they were located with all the lumber. I also had Home Depot cut them to 18″ for me.

• string, about 12-15″ long. I used black nylon that I purchased from Michaels.

• super glue (I purchased mine here)



1. Iron Fabric.

2. Trim edges to be 1/4 inch on all sides. I used a clear ruler and a rotary cutter.

3. Fold sides and iron. Only the left and right sides. Leave the top and bottom straight.

4. Sew a straight line from top to bottom, so that the edges are nice and finished. Or you could glue them with fabric glue.


5. Iron the whole thing again.

6. Measure 2 inches on each side of the back wooden dowel and mark it with a sharpie. This is where your string will go, so that it’s even.

7. Put a few dots of super glue on your back wooden dowel. Put your string first, then the top of your Tea Towel Calendar.

8. Add a few more dots of super glue and add your other wooden dowel, making sure all is aligned. Press down tightly to set the glue. So it’s like a sandwich. (See below)


9. Repeat steps 7 & 8 for the bottom of the calendar

10. Tada! You are finished! Easy as that!


I’d love to see your finished product! #2015TeaTowelCal on instagram!

2015 Tea Towel Calendar

I had so much fun creating this calendar! I hand drew all of the feathers and used my favorite brush pen to write the days of the week and months of the year. I just love the way it turned out! I’m asking for your help this week to vote for my design, as well as all of your favorites! In fact, my friends, Jill and Lauren, both also submitted beautiful designs into the 2015 tea towel calendar competition on Spoonflower. You can vote for your favorites here.




If you want to purchase the calendar, and finish the edges yourself, you can do so in my Spoonflower shop for about $14. But I will soon be listing the calendar in my Etsy shop with finished edges for $25, if you’d like to purchase it that way. I will have them for pre-order first, so that I know how many to order. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Happy Halloween!

Playful Edition for Project Life

I’m super duper excited to announce my collaboration with Project Life. We worked together to create this Playful Edition, which is now out! You can read all about the whole kit here on Becky Higgin’s blog. And you can purchase all of the products here.


I’m so happy with the way it all came together. All I can say is “WOW!” did I have fun working on this project!

I thought it would be fun if I shared with you, a little bit about the process. First, I came up with a direction, including examples of my work and a color scheme.



As well as some font choices. This is a really rough round, but it gives a general direction for the whole set. In the final kit, I ended up using a bunch of my hand drawn type, which was so much fun to create.


Then, I start working on some sketches and the initial illustration style.


I love taking my pencil drawings and then using the live trace tool in Illustrator to create fun textures. I also add lots of other textures to each element to give it character and depth. You can see from the sketches above, how the final illustration came out.


I just loved working with both American Crafts and Becky Higgin’s team to create the Playful Edition for Project Life. It really was a blast to work on, especially since I felt I could really shine and do my best work.


I also love how my illustrations were used to create chipboard stickers (coming soon). Aren’t these fun?


I’d love to see how these designs are used in your projects! Feel free to share online by using the hashtag #PLPlayfulEdition! Hugs!



Petite Lemon Christmas Cards & Trend Boards

Trends come and go, but I feel that some seem to stay longer than others. One trend that seems to keep going and going for the last few years are the Metallics! I see them everywhere, especially in card designs. Plus with the recent addition of REAL gold foil on all of the card sites like Shutterfly, Tiny Prints and Minted, why not add gold foil to everything! It’s totally hot!

I thought I’d share with you one of my mood/trend boards that I did. This one is Metallics.


And here’s a few cards based off of that trend. I don’t think this one made it. But there is a card that was based off of this one that has REAL GOLD FOIL! You can see it here.


And here’s another layout that I tried, on a folding card.


This one has the Mercury glass as a full background. It was a tricky texture to recreate! Thank goodness for photoshop!


Here’s metallic paints. Paint textures are another hot trend this season, especially watercolor!

v3 (3)

v1 (26)

This one is rose gold, another part of the metallic color range.

v3 (1)

v1 (28)

v1 (25)

This one is blue foil, which is still a metallic.


Metallics are also hot with glitter, not just foil textures.

v1 (30)

v1 (27)

And here’s a few other Christmas cards I did, these ones are all folding ones.

v2 (6)v2 (5)
v2 (2) v2 (3)

Bokeh is another hot trend right now! This one has some gold foil lettering.

v1 (32)

v1 (33)And, let’s not forget how hot wood textures are!

v1 (24)

Happiest of Holidays friends! If you would like a custom Holiday card for your family, please contact me.

Card Designs by Petite Lemon for Shutterfly

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 7.05.45 PMv1 (1)

















It’s always fun seeing your designs on an ad while browsing Facebook! I’m right in the middle of a big Christmas push with Shutterfly. I sometimes think I can’t draw another snowflake! And yet, I keep drawing them and thinking of new ways to do them! I can’t wait to show you the ones I’m working on now, but won’t be able to show those until they’re up on the site. But for now, here’s some cards that I worked on earlier this year.

I just love designing baby cards! Especially after recently having a baby myself! I can hardly believe that he’s almost ONE! I’ll make sure to post at least one picture from his birthday! (most likely on Instagram) As we’re busy moving, so things on here may be a little trim…

v1 (12)

v1 (11)

v1 (13)




v1 (6)


v1 (2)

v1 (3)

v1 (4)

v1 (5)

v1 (7)

v1 (8)

v1 (9)

v1 (10)

v1 (15) v1 (16) v1 (17) v1 (18)

v1 (19)

v1 (20)

v1 (21)

Next up are babies first birthday! And I’m sure I’ll be using one of these to invite friends and family to Ezra’s first birthday! I haven’t quite decided on a theme yet, but I’m definitely going to keep it simple!

v1 (34)

v1 (35)

v1 (36)

v1 (37)


Next up, I’m going to show you a few trend boards I’ve noticed and some of my cards based off of that trend!

a little blog hop! join us!

About a week ago, I was asked by my friend, Amanda McGee, to join a blog hop. Amanda and I first met online through the Make Art That Sells class. But we met in person in NYC at SURTEX this past May. It was so fun to finally meet! She’s just as fun in person as her artwork and I couldn’t help but post this picture of us! We were dressed like twins that day! Yeah!

There are many many artists joining in and it’s fun to see all the amazing work! Not only do I get to share some of Amanda’s work, but I also get to choose two other artists that truly inspire me! I’ll get to that in a  minute.


I love Amanda’s fresh take on colors. Can you say CUTE!!! And I love that there’s a flamingo in here!


The attention to detail is fantastic in this piece. And the little birdies with their long eyelashes are so sweet!


The retro soda pop bottles and caps are so fun in this piece. And again, I love the colors! So fresh and fun!


Firs the questions I was asked to answer, and then I’ll talk about my awesome designer friends.

1. What are you writing/working on?

I just got my very first journals manufactured through ecojot. It was a big step for me and I’ve never done anything like this before, but I’m so happy with the results and can’t wait them to get into the hands of my customers. If you’d like to buy one, you can purchase them here.



I am also currently working on SURTEX prep. I plan on showing this coming May 2015, along with the other gals from Happy Happy. So, plans are under way and I have lots and lots of designs to do. Here’s the latest one that I did. It was so much fun to draw. Who knew that a rabbit could be drawn in so many different ways. Well, at least the head. Ha ha!

MG_04AN01_BunnyBash-01sm MG_04AN01_BunnyBash-02sm

I’ve also been busy with a few logos and websites. Lori Romney’s site is underway, but here’s the logo. Lori does amazing work and I couldn’t be happier with the photos she has taken of me and my family. Seriously, look how cute my kids look!


I also just redesigned Four Chairs Furniture logo and blog. Lindy has great design sense and I can’t wait to use her services for my new house!FourChairs_Logo_final2c

2. How does your work differ from others in your genre?

I offer a fresh perspective on anything I work on. Because I come from a graphic design background, I tend to think about several ways a design problem can be solved before finishing out the final piece. I love to sketch out my ideas first and then take them into the computer. (a little note: I used to hate sketching, but then realized the advantage of doing so. Not only do I get fresh textures and line work, but I can also make it look more hand drawn.)

3. Why do you create?

There are three things in this world that bring me my greatest joy and are a part of me. The things that are ingrained in every fiber of my being are my Religion, my Family and my ability to Create. I love creating, whether that is creating a new piece of art or making dinner for my family. I love that I get the best of both worlds. I love being a mom and I love being a designer! I believe that everyone is given the ability to create, no matter what it is, and that brings joy.

4. How does your creative process work?

I usually start by doing research, mostly on Pinterest and Google. Then I start sketching out ideas. Then, I gather all of my images into one giant Illustrator file. I do lots of sketches and then scan in my files. Then I’ll trace over the top of my file in Illustrator and add any textures that I want.

Ok, onto more fun things!

I’m tagging my friends Julia & Sharon.

First up is Julia Warren. She’s a busy mom of two adorable little girls! Who do you think they get their good looks from. Julia and I first met at Seastone, a gift card packaging company in Provo, Utah! We worked together a little over a year and I was always inspired by her ability to create new designs and come up with these adorable little characters.



She has also been trying her hand at some hand painting. I love the texture in the florals on the bottom left corner below.



These cards are so cute. The simplicity is what makes them stunning. And the journals really pop. I could easily see one of these in my house.



We both also have done work for Petite Lemon. Just look at this cute shirt she designed. Plus both of us have a daughter named Charlotte. The Tin cans won some How Design awards. They are gift card packaging for Home Depot. So clever huh? And the bean illustration is a book that she is currently working on. Love all the different areas that Julia dips her fingertips into!



And yet another illustration style. The graphic simplicity of these combined with texture really make these pop off the page. I’d love to have these in my kitchen.



Ok, onto my next friend, Sharon Rowan. Sharon and I also met at Seastone. But she has stayed in Provo, as have I, and we live in the same neighborhood in fact. We love getting together and having creative discussions. It’s always fun seeing what the other is working on. She also has 4 kids! Two of which are twins! She’s one busy momma! But she still finds time to design!


I thought I’d share a few of my favorite pieces that she’s done. Sharon is talented in many, many ways. She not only takes amazing photos, but she’s also done scrapbooking lines, patterns for baby apparel and cards for I love her clean aesthetic and simple shapes. Just look at that cute elephant!



For the past few years, Sharon and I have also done the 24 days of free Christmas Downloads. Always fun to do some quick & easy projects with her! I also love these sweet announcements she does!



I told you her photography was amazing! She has done some traveling and both of these are up on if you’d like to purchase them!




Another item for sale on I love the sweet icons!



Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know me a little better, as well as a few of my design friends! Now Julia and Sharon, it’s your turn! Thanks for letting me share your amazing work with my readers and friends!

we’re building a house



I’m so excited to share with you that we are building a house! I’m sure that I will share many pictures and inspiration along the way. I’m in love with that modern roofline! I’d say about 99% of homes in Utah are traditional, so we were beyond excited to find a modern home builder in Utah!


I also thought I’d share with you a few pictures of our current home. It really is the perfect little starter home, but we’ve outgrown it and we can’t wait to be closer to my husband’s work. Right now he takes a train 1 hour to work and 1 hour home! Uhg!

My friend, Lori Romney, took the photos. I think she did an incredible job! On a side note, I’m working on revamping her site and logo. Can’t wait to show you that.

Now, if we can just sell this little fella! If you know of anyone looking for a home near BYU, this is it!






I love love love my kitchen! The perfect green, don’t you agree?