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SURTEX 2014 was an explosion! An explosion of emotions and exhaustion. One minute I was filled with excitement for  the possibility that I could be there the very next year showing my work, and the next moment was one of exhaustion, thinking about how much work it would take to show next year. So many amazingly talented artists sharing their work with the world. I couldn’t believe how many great artists I met. Thank you for taking even the smallest moment to talk with me. I hope that I didn’t offend anyone, because that for sure was not the intention. The intention was just to tell you how incredible you are and I hope you know that.

I got to meet so many of my design crushes at SURTEX this year (including the girls from Happy Happy): Jill Howarth, Tammie Bennett, Emily Balsley, Lauren Minco (we missed you Denise), Zoe Ingram, Elizabeth Olwen, Carolyn Gavin, Helen Dardik and Allison Cole! I mean, HELLO! What a line-up!



I know many have come before me, but I’d thought I’d add my two cents about walking SURTEX. I have to say, first off that the talent in that room was incredible. I can hardly believe all the talent!


1. Wear comfy shoes. TOMS were great! We were putting in around 7-8 miles a day, just walking around the Javits Center and NYC to get lunch, dinner, etc. So you’ll need some comfy shoes.

2. Bring a pen and paper to take notes.

3. Bring business cards. Mine were mostly handed out to fellow artists (mostly from the MATS classes), but a few others were handed out to other people. I didn’t come home with even one of my cards. I think I made about 100 business cards with mini button magnets in them.

4. Book an apartment or hotel near the Javits Center. Within walking distance if possible. We used airBnB to book a space, and found it reasonably priced, compared to some of the hotels nearby.

5. Take the time to eat! Three meals a day is great, plus a few snacks. Think snacks high in protein, Lara Bars, or almonds are a good choice. There’s a great little market, called SUNAC, just North of the JAVITS that has delicious FRESH food. We got fresh fruit and omelets for breakfast and fresh green salads for lunch. And don’t forget a water bottle. You’ll need to drink often.

6. If you do find yourself talking to an artist and someone else walks in the booth, excuse yourself and come back later if you can.

7. Walk the NSS show as well. We were able to collect the whole alphabet in Letterpressed cards, as a scavenger hunt. So beautiful! And it was fun to walk around and get the cards.



(Image found here)

8. Savor the moment and take it all in. Write your feelings down. What excited you the most about SURTEX? Was it the talent? Do you feel your art is ready to show? Of not, what can you do to get it ready? Make a 1 year plan. (That’s what I plan to do!)

9. Take time to enjoy other parts of the city. I walked the Highline, but wished I had just one more day to explore other parts of the city as well. I was there Sunday-Tuesday and could have easily spent a week! Ha ha!

10. Smile! Don’t forget to smile and have fun! I loved encouraging other artists and telling them how incredible they are! It helps boost their confidence, plus keeps you going as well. Smile people!


Well, hopefully that helps a few of you who might be thinking about walking SURTEX next year. It definitely solidified the fact that SURTEX is for me! I can see myself doing very well here! Good luck to everyone who has showed and who plans to show at SURTEX!


I have some big news! I am now represented by Cinnamon Joe Studios. I first met Paul and Andrea at SURTEX in 2014. They were super nice and I just knew my art would be a great fit for them. I hoped to be among the group of elite artists that they represent. I first tried reaching out in 2015, but got no reply. So, I continued to better my art and contacted them a year later. And they said YES! It just shows that if at first you don’t succeed, try try again!


I’m so happy with the relationship that we are beginning to develop. I have so many ideas and it’s hard to find the time to create them all. But I love knowing that when I do create a new piece of artwork it will hopefully find a new and happy home, thanks to Paul & Andrea.

I knew that working with a Studio would be a good fit for me.

  1. I can continue to create art for clients that I already have great relationships with, and don’t need to send them to CJS
  2. I send CJS artwork on my schedule. So when I have other projects, or deadlines, I can take care of those first
  3. I can keep up with trends, and my artwork will stay fresh
  4. Instead of my art staying on my computer (or as I like to call it, the Artwork Graveyard) never to see light again, CJS will find a home for it
  5. Another opportunity to earn an income from my art & see my designs on new products
  6. CJS would take care of all the Business side of things. As an independent artist, that’s just one less thing I need to worry about, which is SO NICE!

I have already sold a few designs to some big name clients, and hopefully I can share those with you in the coming year, but until then…. Here’s a sample of a beach towel from JD Keating that I designed last year. JD Keating is a beach towel company in the UK. My 8 year old daughter especially wants this towel for herself! Ha ha. I doubt I’ll let her use it, as it’s the only sample I have!


If you’d like to work with me, you can email me or follow me on Instagram to keep up with all that’s happening in the life of Muffin Grayson! Happy Fall!

a little blog hop! join us!

About a week ago, I was asked by my friend, Amanda McGee, to join a blog hop. Amanda and I first met online through the Make Art That Sells class. But we met in person in NYC at SURTEX this past May. It was so fun to finally meet! She’s just as fun in person as her artwork and I couldn’t help but post this picture of us! We were dressed like twins that day! Yeah!

There are many many artists joining in and it’s fun to see all the amazing work! Not only do I get to share some of Amanda’s work, but I also get to choose two other artists that truly inspire me! I’ll get to that in a  minute.


I love Amanda’s fresh take on colors. Can you say CUTE!!! And I love that there’s a flamingo in here!


The attention to detail is fantastic in this piece. And the little birdies with their long eyelashes are so sweet!


The retro soda pop bottles and caps are so fun in this piece. And again, I love the colors! So fresh and fun!


Firs the questions I was asked to answer, and then I’ll talk about my awesome designer friends.

1. What are you writing/working on?

I just got my very first journals manufactured through ecojot. It was a big step for me and I’ve never done anything like this before, but I’m so happy with the results and can’t wait them to get into the hands of my customers. If you’d like to buy one, you can purchase them here.



I am also currently working on SURTEX prep. I plan on showing this coming May 2015, along with the other gals from Happy Happy. So, plans are under way and I have lots and lots of designs to do. Here’s the latest one that I did. It was so much fun to draw. Who knew that a rabbit could be drawn in so many different ways. Well, at least the head. Ha ha!

MG_04AN01_BunnyBash-01sm MG_04AN01_BunnyBash-02sm

I’ve also been busy with a few logos and websites. Lori Romney’s site is underway, but here’s the logo. Lori does amazing work and I couldn’t be happier with the photos she has taken of me and my family. Seriously, look how cute my kids look!


I also just redesigned Four Chairs Furniture logo and blog. Lindy has great design sense and I can’t wait to use her services for my new house!FourChairs_Logo_final2c

2. How does your work differ from others in your genre?

I offer a fresh perspective on anything I work on. Because I come from a graphic design background, I tend to think about several ways a design problem can be solved before finishing out the final piece. I love to sketch out my ideas first and then take them into the computer. (a little note: I used to hate sketching, but then realized the advantage of doing so. Not only do I get fresh textures and line work, but I can also make it look more hand drawn.)

3. Why do you create?

There are three things in this world that bring me my greatest joy and are a part of me. The things that are ingrained in every fiber of my being are my Religion, my Family and my ability to Create. I love creating, whether that is creating a new piece of art or making dinner for my family. I love that I get the best of both worlds. I love being a mom and I love being a designer! I believe that everyone is given the ability to create, no matter what it is, and that brings joy.

4. How does your creative process work?

I usually start by doing research, mostly on Pinterest and Google. Then I start sketching out ideas. Then, I gather all of my images into one giant Illustrator file. I do lots of sketches and then scan in my files. Then I’ll trace over the top of my file in Illustrator and add any textures that I want.

Ok, onto more fun things!

I’m tagging my friends Julia & Sharon.

First up is Julia Warren. She’s a busy mom of two adorable little girls! Who do you think they get their good looks from. Julia and I first met at Seastone, a gift card packaging company in Provo, Utah! We worked together a little over a year and I was always inspired by her ability to create new designs and come up with these adorable little characters.



She has also been trying her hand at some hand painting. I love the texture in the florals on the bottom left corner below.



These cards are so cute. The simplicity is what makes them stunning. And the journals really pop. I could easily see one of these in my house.



We both also have done work for Petite Lemon. Just look at this cute shirt she designed. Plus both of us have a daughter named Charlotte. The Tin cans won some How Design awards. They are gift card packaging for Home Depot. So clever huh? And the bean illustration is a book that she is currently working on. Love all the different areas that Julia dips her fingertips into!



And yet another illustration style. The graphic simplicity of these combined with texture really make these pop off the page. I’d love to have these in my kitchen.



Ok, onto my next friend, Sharon Rowan. Sharon and I also met at Seastone. But she has stayed in Provo, as have I, and we live in the same neighborhood in fact. We love getting together and having creative discussions. It’s always fun seeing what the other is working on. She also has 4 kids! Two of which are twins! She’s one busy momma! But she still finds time to design!


I thought I’d share a few of my favorite pieces that she’s done. Sharon is talented in many, many ways. She not only takes amazing photos, but she’s also done scrapbooking lines, patterns for baby apparel and cards for I love her clean aesthetic and simple shapes. Just look at that cute elephant!



For the past few years, Sharon and I have also done the 24 days of free Christmas Downloads. Always fun to do some quick & easy projects with her! I also love these sweet announcements she does!



I told you her photography was amazing! She has done some traveling and both of these are up on if you’d like to purchase them!




Another item for sale on I love the sweet icons!



Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know me a little better, as well as a few of my design friends! Now Julia and Sharon, it’s your turn! Thanks for letting me share your amazing work with my readers and friends!

Uppercase Magazine- Surface Pattern Design Guide

Wow! I am beyond thrilled to be in the upcoming Surface Pattern Design Guide of UPPERCASE Magazine, issue #21! There will be 100 amazing artists represented in this issue.

If you would like to get your very own copy, you could pick one up at Surtex this year, but if you aren’t going, you can subscribe to the magazine. Plus get $15 off a subscription with the discount code USPDG2014. The paper quality is incredible and the content inside is even more so! It’s right up there with the coveted Critique magazine.

If you’d like to watch a little video and see some of the amazing artwork going to be in the magazine, then check out this video!

Here are the images I submitted! I’m not sure which ones were chosen yet, but I can’t wait to find out! Which one is your favorite!









Welcome Friends!

Hello Friends! I’m so excited that you are here! I have been working on this new website for some time now and couldn’t have done it without the help of my incredible husband, Christopher. How happy I am that it’s finally done and that I now have a place to showcase my work and all of the new and exciting things I’ve been working on! First up is a few things from Happy Happy Art Collective! An amazing group of five other girls that I have the privilege of working with. Serious talent people!

I had so much fun designing this quote poster. “Art is for Happy Happy People!” I came up with the quote and each of us has had the opportunity to design it. Such unique styles. I just love working with these ladies. Can you believe we’ve never met each other in person? We all met through Lilla Rogers’ MATS (Make Art That Sells) Class and we are hoping to meet in person sometime in the future! Possibly at Surtex this year.


This is just a sneak peek. To see the full thing, you’ll have to visit the Happy Happy Blog and while you’re over there, we’d love for you to say “Hi!”


Muffin Grayson new logo

Hello Friends,

I thought I would share with you my new logo. And can I just say that designing for yourself is one of the hardest things ever! It has taken me months just to come up with the design and something that I liked. Uhg! But I thought before I plastered the logo on every piece of my materials and such, that I should get some of your opinions on it. Do you like the colors? I’d love to hear your feedback. I’d love to know what you think!

Hope you are making steady progress toward some of your goals you’ve set for yourself. One of mine is to have a new website up and running by SURTEX 2013 (I’m hoping to attend SURTEX to scope things out and see what a show is like…) Yup, so that gives me about 4 months. Yikes! Here’s to hoping and working hard to get there!



Happy Happy Joy Joy! It’s my Birthday today!

I am 30 today and I am happy! Happy to be me! Happy it’s my birthday. Happy because I received all of the royal treatment this morning including homemade waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. Happy I received my new lens. Genuinely joyfully happy!

Over the past few months I’ve been going through some serious “I can’t believe I’m turning 30” phase. It’s been difficult. I’ve had doubts of what I should be doing in life and where I want to be going. But, today, I can honestly say I’m happy. I may not be exactly where I’d like to be, but that doesn’t mean I have to stop trying or get down on myself because I’m not there yet. It just means I have to keep trying and working hard to get where I want to be. I have so much to live for. I have so much I want to accomplish. I remember reading this a while back and thought it would be so good to make one of these lists for myself. This isn’t a “I have to accomplish this all in my lifetime or I’m not worth anything” list, but it’s a “I hope to accomplish some of these things on this list and discover who I am along the way” list. I really do want to continue to explore who I am and be the kind of person that exemplifies someone who is kind and thoughtful. Someone who is hardworking and patient (that one may take until I’m 90!). Someone who is creative and seen as a professional.

I hope this list will continue to grow and change as I do and that I can cross off some of these things from my list along the way.

What are some of the things that you would like to accomplish in this lifetime?


P R O F E S S I O N A L / C A R E E R

• get organized (I’ve been working on that one!)

• publish a book

• have my designs/patterns on a well-known companies product (like Land of Nod, or Mini Boden)

• design a fabric line that is printed

• teach a class (maybe bookmaking or pattern design), possibly at a college level

• design my own line of children’s clothing including the patterns on the fabric and the design of the clothing

• have my own studio with lots of natural light (with all you can imagine in it, a letterpress, screen printing set up, sewing machine, pretty much everything crafty!)

• master my SLR

• Judge a design competition

• Make enough money to support my family

• Be a keynote speaker

• go to SURTEX

• show at SURTEX

• start my own design company

• design 300 patterns

• license my designs

open a bigcartel shop (no product yet, but I’m working on it….)

• sell fabric designs on Spoonflower



• have another child, maybe 2

• have a home where peace and love abound

• take Char to Disney World

• take Char on a mommy daughter date and get a makeover

• take Char sledding

• take the family on a hike where we camp for one night

• huge celebration for my 50th wedding anniversary

(I’ll post more pics and details soon…)


organize and stay organized

• play the Organ

• budget

• design a sewing pattern

• learn to use my sewing machine/surger better

• take a screen printing class

• take a cooking class

• take a cake decorating class

• play the guitar

• master the piano

• learn to crochet and knit better, actually make something



• visit Australia again

• Boulder, CO

• visit the East coast, virginia beach

• Church history sites

• Seattle, WA

• Portland, OR

• Chicago, IL

• Paris

• London, just so I can say I’ve been there!



J U S T   F O R   F U N

• wear red lipstick!

• grow my hair out! Wow, that only took 10 years! If you wanna see how short it was, go here.

• take a picture every day for a year

• host a party and make all the food from scratch

• drive a jetski or a boat

• meet Oprah Winfrey

• learn to Garden like Leslie

• learn to can like my Mother

• ride a tandem bike

• eat more whole foods

• write in a Gratitude Journal every day for a year

• take a creative writing class


I hope this list inspires you to make some goals and lists of your own. This list doesn’t include everything, but it is the beginning…

And if you want a little pick me up, watch this video and just remember to be YOU! and you will be happy!


As a little thank you, I’ve created this banner that you can send to your family and friends via email or post on your blog! Just click on the image and download it! Enjoy!




sneak peek of a new collection

About 5 weeks ago I started an online textile design class from Michelle Fifis of Pattern Observer. I’m loving every minute of it and have already learned so much! I can hardly wait to go to SURTEX 2013. That’s a very soft goal I have right now. Wow, I said it! I can’t wait! Now, if only I can make it to SURTEX in NYC this year, so I might actually know what to do when I show in 2013.


I really like where this collection is going. I imagine this being used for little girls dress, or an apon. I love Spring!

Target & Chris

I must apologize for not posting much these past few weeks. I’ve been super busy working on a project for Target {something like 75 hours in the last two weeks. That’s almost a full time job!}. That’s right, I said Tar-get! I know, rather exciting huh? I was hired out by *Berwick Offray to design some gift bags and gift wraps. Berwick is the company that bought out my old company Seastone . I was laid off from Seastone in January, due to the economic down fall. Now, I’m doing freelance for them.

Well, to get back to Target, some of the designs I did, I had my husband Chris help on. He illustrated some fairy princesses as well as some robots and monsters. Here are a few sneak peaks of his stuff. You can also visit his portfolio here . I consider my husband to do some amazing work! He’s so talented. I’m sure I’ll be talking about him much, much more….

While I was scanning the web for inspiration, I came across
Jon Cannel ,an illustrator, over at Lilla Rogers. He dose some really cool stuff. I especially like his robots.

Lilla Rogers is an illustration agency that licenses work to the world to use on just about anything, from salad dressing labels to water towers.

Let me know what you think of Chris’ illustration style. I think it is very unique and that he is very talented!

*Craft, floral, and industrial distribution channels are the primary markets serviced by Offray