My new Studio

Go and check out my new studio on the Happy Happy Art Collective Blog. I love having a space all my own to create. Oh wait, I have two kids that are constantly in here making messes! Ha ha. And that’s ok, because that means I’m loved and they are creating too. My 8 year old daughter loves to pull out whatever she can get her hands on and create anything her imagination comes up with. And currently my 2.5 year old son loves to paint! And the funny thing is, he only uses purple. So sweet. I love seeing their little minds work to create something completely original.


New Quote Posters for #the100dayproject

I’ve had some fun creating these posters for the #the100dayproject. If you’d like to follow along, follow me on Instagram.

It’s fun playing with new ways to hand draw type and use some fun new photoshop brushes I purchased from RetroSupply. It was fun to hand draw these over and over again until they came out just the way I wanted. Check them out below.







And sometimes the sketches don’t look anything like the finished design. Ha ha! But it serves a very important step, to get the ideas out of my head and onto paper.







Follow me on Instagram to see all of my #the100dayproject. For the next 100 days I’m going to play! Play with clay, wood, chalk, fabric, embroidery, paper, watercolor, pencils, markers, anything to get my creative juices flowing. And the only criteria, is I have to use my hands for part of it. So follow along, or join in for the fun! What would you like to see me try?



Old Maid Game Redesign with Happy Happy

As I’ve mentioned before, the ladies of Happy Happy Art Collective are busy redesigning the Old Maid deck. Each of them with their unique characteristics. Here are the latest 2 that I’ve done, Library Lilly and Careless Carrie.

Library Lilly loves to read and doesn’t even notice her surroundings. And Careless Carrie, well, she has the same problem. She’s too busy on her phone to see the pot about to boil over.



Petite Lemon Christmas Cards for

The Holidays are right around the corner! Why not get your Holiday Cards out of the way before things get super hectic? Here is just a sampling of some of the cards I designed this year. And, there are more to come in the coming weeks as well. Just go here to see all of the cards Petite Lemon has designed for Shutterfly.


Happy Happy Art Collective’s Old Maid Game

As a Happy Happy Art Collective, we’ve decided to re-illustrate an old classic, Old Maid! We are having so much fun and can’t wait to show you over the next few months each of the characters. Here are the first two, the Old Maid and Greenthumb Gert.



New Portrait

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 9.12.45 AM


All of the lovely ladies at Happy Happy have redrawn their portraits! Take a look at all the talent here! We have lots of fun projects up our sleeves, so check back often on our blog and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

This is my portrait. The shirt is made from a vintage fabric that I had on hand and it happened to match the color scheme that we chose as a collective! Happy happy coincidence!



Tropical Sketches

I try to take a sketchbook with me wherever I go. Inspiration comes from everywhere and you never know when it’s going to hit. This latest sketch was produced while sitting in an Auto store waiting for my new windshield to be installed. I love the way it turned out and thought I’d share the process with you.



I quickly added some watercolor to give it a sense of dimension and an idea of what colors I’d like to use.




Then I drew it in Illustrator using my Wacom tablet and added some texture. This is the finished design with all of it’s tropical goodness.



Here are a few process shots of a simple watercolor design I did of some pineapples. After the watercolor, I added the black ink and then the white ink.pineapple-watercolors

Spoonflower & CWDkids Mermaid Contest


Well, I had a great time designing these patterns for the Spoonflower and CWDkids Mermaid contest, focusing on a print for little girl’s pajamas. Mermaids are classic designs and adding just a pinch of cuteness and whimsy really makes this pattern stand out. I tried to focus on elements that I knew my seven year old daughter would love. (P.S. She approved, by the way).



Voting is now open and I would appreciate any votes that I receive. Just click on the link and then the voting button is on the right side. Vote for all your favorites. There’s so many to choose from. I will hopefully win the contest, but if I don’t I am going sell the designs on Spoonflower as a collection. I would love to see all of the amazing things people sew using these prints.



Look at all the fun coordinates. I think this would make adorable kids bedding as well.