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Fathers Day Card Printable :: June Newsletter Freebie



Do I have a fun one for you this month! I’ve been working on my brush and ink work and decided to put it on a card. And to make it more fun, I’ve added watercolor dots, for those of us who like a little fun in our day! But for those of you with more modern dad’s, here’s a plain ‘ole black and white version! Happy Father’s Day to all of the amazing Dad’s out there! I sure have a great one! He taught me to be honest and work hard at everything you do.

I also have a great husband who is an amazing father to our two precious children. How blessed I feel to have him in my life. I love you Chris!


Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 5.56.59 PM



Remember, to get this freebie just sign up for my NEWSLETTER! I’ll be sending it out the first of June. Newsletter sign up can be found on the sidebar, as well as the homepage. Thanks!



Day 13: Free Christmas Card Download

Looking for a last minute Christmas Card Printable for FREEEEEE? Then get your freebie right here! And don’t forget, come back tomorrow for the matching envelope liner! Ohh la la!


Remember this card is for personal use only and not for resale! Thanks!

Day 1: Printable Gift Tags with Calligraphy

Well, here’s what you’ve been waiting for!!! The first download of the 24 days of Free Christmas Downloads. If you missed last years downloads, go check them out here. I will be posting one more download today as well, so stay tuned.

These gift tags were so much fun to create. I spent much of my night using my mad calligraphy skills to address Christmas Cards and decided why not make gift tags with some of my calligraphy on them. I wanted to make them look as hand drawn as possible, so I created them on a kraft paper. They are super easy to create, just download the file below, print and cut them out on the small white dotted line. Punch a hole in the top center, which is also marked, and you’ve got easy tags to use to make your holiday packages simply lovely!

If you’re wondering about the wrapping paper. Well, it’s my secret and I may or may not share it with you! Whaa ha ha ha (maniacal laugh)…


There’s a total of 8 gift tags on each page, but only 6 designs. I really liked the to/from gift tag and pattern one. I though those turned out super cute! Which one is your favorite? Where will you use your gift tags? Presents for the family, or as neighbor gifts? Please share, I’d love to know how you are using them!

 These gift tags are for personal use only and not for resale.


24 days of FREE christmas downloads

I am on cloud 9 right now! I seriously feel like I’m on a lucky streak. What better way to start the Holiday season then with FREE gifts. A few weeks ago, I attended an Open House and received a strand of pearls from Goldsmith Jewelers. My daughter actually wears them more then me! Ha ha! Then I received a $200 credit to from I purchased Bombshell and Jacques & Gilles from Emily Lime. They really are beautiful calligraphy fonts. And I have already used them on some cards I’ve designed for Petite Lemon for Shutterfly. I’ve shared a few below.

Then yesterday I got another email from saying that I had received another $200 credit for this board that I created on their site. And I just used it to create some killer gifts for my friends for Christmas! I was going to use some of the designs that were already on there but found a way to upload my own designs onto them. I’ll make sure and show them once I get them (probably after Christmas). Oh, and here’s something I didn’t know about, is that you can order Party Decor. I ordered a large cake stand and some cute striped straws. I’m starting to gear up for Char’s birthday party. I can’t believe it’s been a year since her tea party. I’m thinking a treasure hunt or mystery birthday party. She’s been into Peter Pan and Tinkerbell lately, so I think she’ll really enjoy that.

I wanted to make you aware of the 24 days of Free Christmas Downloads which me and a few of my awesome designer friends will be starting on Saturday, December 1st! So mark your calendars. You’re in for a treat! Don’t believe me? Go and see what we did last year!


Here are a few of the last minute cards I designed for Petite Lemon for Shutterfly. I really am excited the way that they turned out! If you would like to purchase them, just click on the image.

On The Wall Art Challenge For Minted

Here are the Art Prints that I submitted for the “On the Wall Art Challenge” for Minted. My favorite is the Llama filled with whimsy and bright colors. Please go and vote for me, starting on November 20th. You can click on each image and it will take you to the print to vote on. Thank you for your support!




I also tried a few photography prints. These are pictures we took in Yellowstone 4 years ago. I think Yellowstone can be so eerie at times, especially when the steam is rising from the ground and trees look like they’ve been petrified for centuries.