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2017 Hipster Captain Tea Towel Calendar

2017 tea towel calendar spoonflower


I had so much fun designing this 2017 Hipster Captain tea towel calendar for Spoonflower. I made it into the top 20, which is a huge honor! They are now available for purchase. Plus until Nov. 9, 2016, Spoonflower is having a Buy 1 Get 1 Sale on Fat Quarters. If you’d like to purchase my design, it can be found here. Thanks for all your support!


Spoonflower & CWDkids Mermaid Contest


Well, I had a great time designing these patterns for the Spoonflower and CWDkids Mermaid contest, focusing on a print for little girl’s pajamas. Mermaids are classic designs and adding just a pinch of cuteness and whimsy really makes this pattern stand out. I tried to focus on elements that I knew my seven year old daughter would love. (P.S. She approved, by the way).



Voting is now open and I would appreciate any votes that I receive. Just click on the link and then the voting button is on the right side. Vote for all your favorites. There’s so many to choose from. I will hopefully win the contest, but if I don’t I am going sell the designs on Spoonflower as a collection. I would love to see all of the amazing things people sew using these prints.



Look at all the fun coordinates. I think this would make adorable kids bedding as well.

GTS entry 2014 & MIID Summer School Brief 2

Entering the Global Talent Search this year was my opportunity to take a creative brief and interpret it with fresh eyes. An opportunity to create another piece of artwork to stretch myself and make something that I was proud of. And I am proud of these piece. I went through at least 3 rounds of revisions before finally settling on this one. I loved the opportunity to try something new. Even though I didn’t make the top 50 out of 999 participants that submitted artwork, I’m ok with it. Here’s to even more opportunities to create great art!



I’ve also been busy doing the briefs from the MIID Summer School. I had a ton of fun with this brief creating a tribal theme for wrapping paper on boxes. I love the way these turned out!



New Minted Designs

I had so much fun designing these banners for the kid’s decor challenge over at Minted. I’d love for you to go and vote for my designs. Just click on the image and it will take you to my design.

This design was inspired, of course, by my daughter Charlotte. She just loves bright colors and she makes me so happy every day!



The inspiration behind this one was the song, “You Are My Sunshine” which I love singing every night to my daughter before she goes to bed. I thought this one would add so much personality to a room without overwhelming the decor that was already present in a child’s room.


I also designed a wrapping paper featuring the families name. I love the vintage modern feel it has. And the colors are my favorite.



#365patterns-#80 Front Row Society Submission

Inspired by the coral reefs, this pattern, Aricoral, was used in the Front Row Society Submission for African Heat. If you’d like to submit an entry, you still have a few days. I had so much fun making the pattern. It was based off of this pattern that I did a few days ago, but I amped it up a bit! I love the color palette and I think this would look great on a swimsuit don’t you?


Starting on the 16th you can start voting. So please go and vote for all of your favorites!



#365 patterns-No.3-find the hidden hearts! OVER!!!

****UPDATE!!!**** Game over now! Sorry folks! Lindsay is the winner, the answer is 18!

So I thought I would host a little competition today. Find all the hidden hearts in this fabric and I’ll send you a yard of it when I get it printed! (hopefully by the end of February….)

The first person to answer correctly by leaving a comment on this post WINS!!! Simple as that! Ready, go?



Tips! Not all the hearts are the same color. If you need to view the image bigger, just click on the image!


Rules: The competition will go on until someone answers correctly, then I’ll post the answers! Open to anyone any where!!! Have fun!


***Lindsay is the winner! Great job! The answer is 18! See below!***


On The Wall Art Challenge For Minted

Here are the Art Prints that I submitted for the “On the Wall Art Challenge” for Minted. My favorite is the Llama filled with whimsy and bright colors. Please go and vote for me, starting on November 20th. You can click on each image and it will take you to the print to vote on. Thank you for your support!




I also tried a few photography prints. These are pictures we took in Yellowstone 4 years ago. I think Yellowstone can be so eerie at times, especially when the steam is rising from the ground and trees look like they’ve been petrified for centuries.



Be My Hero Spoonflower Fabric Contest

It’s time to vote for the Spoonflower “Be My Hero” Fabric Contest. I had so much fun drawing each of these little characters and I would love for you to take a few minutes of your time to go and vote for my design. I loved the idea of helping young boys remember to eat their 5 a day! And that the veggies and fruits should be all of our heros as they make us healthy and strong! Click on the any of the images to vote. There are 15 pages worth of voting entries, so just vote on all of the ones you like! Thank you! And I’d love to know what you think! VOTE HERE!



And here’s some close up views.