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Where have I been?

Wow! Some of you may be wondering where I have been? Well…first and foremost I wanted to tell you all that I’m PREGNANT!!!

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 1.20.54 PM


This is me at 25 weeks with my best friend, Jet! You can follow me on Instagram if you want to stay updated!

This has been a long process and we couldn’t be more thrilled! We are due with a baby boy end of October. The first 12 weeks were a little rough, but I’m back on the band wagon and feeling great. I definitely need to start posting a pattern a day again now that I’m feeling much better. But it’s been kind of tricky to stay on top of work and getting ready for baby. My 5 year old daughter, Charlotte, couldn’t be happier and in her words, “I can’t wait for baby to sleep in my room!” Ha ha!

I wanted to introduce you to a few things! First are 2 Pinterest boards that I’ve had private but am now making Public. A Maternity one and a Nursery one. I’ve had so much fun planning out and designing the nursery. In fact, just today I’ve been going crazy with the spray paint, painting a lamp and a soon to be pendant light shade for the room. We’ve had to make some adjustments to the room, like a loft bed for Char, but I’m so glad we did, it really opened up the space. I wanted to also share with you my Nursery inspiration board. It’s been fun coming up with it. Although I’ve changed some things since I did the board, but that’s ok. Design is always about change.

nautical_nursery_ideas-01If you’re wondering about where any of these items can be found, most of them can be found on my Pinterest Nursery Board. I found the Dwell Studio black and white polkadot fabric at HomeFabrics for just $8/yd. It retails for $30/yd! I love finding a good deal. I’m still debating about the rug….I guess I should just order it! I want a touch of orange in the room. The nursery is really small, only about 10x10ft, so I’ve had to adjust some things. I’ll make sure and post lots of pictures when I’m done!

Well, I’ll try to keep on on posting more regularly here, but no guarantees…my health and the health of the baby take first priority! Oh, and my happiness too of course! May your days be joyful!

La La Love You Art Print Inspiration

Wouldn’t this print looks so cute in this room! I’ve been wanting to redecorate Char’s bedroom and I think this print I created for Minted is the perfect jumping off point to get me started! Now, if I can just get the paints out. Ha ha!

(Highly unlikely considering it’s been freezing cold lately!)


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is the swan the new owl?

Are Swans the new Owl? I’ve been seeing quite a few of them lately….

Personally, I think swans are beautiful. In fact, I saw the very first one I can remember just a few months ago on my birthday outing with my husband. Beautiful!


This is a new collection I developed for my class, The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design, Module 3, by Rachael Taylor and Beth Nicholls and it’s simply amazing! I’m only in week 3 and I’ve already learned so much! Can’t wait to see what else they have in store for me.


This exercise was for flat wrap and would be for the 30 something affluent woman. What do you think? I’d love to see these printed and sold at some of my favorite paper stores and boutiques here in Utah.


Here is my inspiration behind the collection.


And here are the closeups and names of each of the patterns. I just love the details. I originally drew the pieces with a black pen by hand, and then scanned them in and retraced them all in Illustrator to make the lines smoother.


Which pattern is your favorite?

Before & After Pics of my Office



Do you ever feel that no matter how hard you try you can never keep your workspace organized? For me, this is a consistent problem. My office just happens to be the third bedroom in the house, and also the place where all of the papers go. I got sick a few weeks ago and went on a rampage to clean and organize all of the closets in my house. My home is very small, at only 925 square feet. So this wasn’t too difficult of a task, only 5 closets. It required a trip to IKEA and the hardware store to accomplish this task. That, and about a week of my time.

But it was so worth it! Now the only thing I need to do to stay organized. I learned a trick from professional organizer, Marie Ricks, a few weeks ago though, in order to stay organized, you have to create a system and then stick with it and always do it. You can’t let it slip. That’s the hard part for me.

Here are some before and after pictures of my office. I really do enjoy this space I have all to myself. In this space I design, sew, create and teach my daughter to be creative. She loves to work at her desk while I work at mine. Working from home has backfired a few times, like when my daughter doesn’t want me to see what she’s doing, she’ll say, “Mom, just go in your office and work!” Is that funny or what? But for the most part, being a Stay-at-home-MOM and working from home is the best. I love it!



After watching this tutorial on how to properly fold fabric I just knew I wanted my fabric to be pretty enough to shoot and put in a magazine. It only took me ALL day, but it was well worth it!

And, little did I know that sewing on the same table as my computer and external harddrive is VERY VERY BAD!!! Never do it! I guess the vibrations from my surger took my external hardrive for a ride that it wasn’t supposed to be on and it QUIT on me. Lucky for me with a lot of time, a new harddrive and some software, I was able to get my stuff off of it. I also invested in some online backup as well. Never again will I let that happen to me. I would have died! So, lesson learned, ALWAYS, ALWAYS backup all of your work in several different places, not just one.


I also start my new online class this week and was asked to post pictures of my workspace. What are your secrets for keeping an organized office? Any suggestions?


Snow Cone Birthday Party Inspiration Board

Ok, Susan (from Freshly Picked), you asked and I delivered. Not that I consider myself a party planner extraordinaire, but I do love a good challenge. Especially when it involves one of my favorite Summer treats. I was inspired by this photo on Pinterest for the color palette. I just thought it screamed SUMMMER PARTY!!!


Start by making the party favor bags. I would just use brown paper lunch bags and then print these fun labels, that I designed onto blank sticker paper and close them. (You will need Avery 2 inch Round Labels, product number 22807). Buy some bulk candy and add these adorable little snow cone barretts and you’re set!



Repeatable Snow Cone Pattern that could be printed on fabric and used for napkins, or a table cloth. I also think it would be fun to draw on butcher paper a pattern similar to this one below and let  kids color while waiting for other guests to arrive.




Ez from Creature Comforts has the cutest tutorial for snow cone paper garland. I actually had the pleasure of meeting Ez in person, she is so sweet and so personable. I’m so glad we met! And her blog is just as sweet as she is.

Also, if you’re considering making a photo backdrop, use large sheets of butcher paper and a giant cheap paintbrush and paint some diagonal stripes across the back. Similar to the pattern on the back of the invitations. Make sure to do that on the ground though, so the paint won’t run.


These mini wooden spoons make eating snow cones super fun, plus they’re miniature size just like your guests. You could also serve the snow cones in these mini paper cups. You might even consider painting them a variety of colors on the ends like this.

I’d love to try these gourmet ones from Fresher than Fresh, whose flavors are all natural and made from home. Try mainking your own natural flavorings for snow cones like this one or this one. Oh, and don’t forget the cream! Yes, as in real dairy cream, just pour it on top. Amazing the difference in flavor it makes! Buy it local if you can. (Yes, I’m putting a word in for Dairy Farmers, just because I grew up on one and my parents still live on one with plenty of dairy cows.)


Customizable Invitations, just add your daughter’s name. And Sticker Labels for the grab bags.



Make a snow cone shaped chalkboard with the list of flavors and your daughters age and birthday.


Well, that about sums up what I thought would make a great Summer Snow Cone Party for your daughter! Good luck Susan!



Inspired Art Challenge Entries for

I had a blast coming up with these designs for the Inspired Art Challenge. I love trying my hand at calligraphy and with the (new to me) width tool in CS6 (which I finally upgraded this week from CS4, ouch) made it easier than ever!!! I love it! These first two prints feature my hand calligraphy.

Small And Precious

After reading in Isaiah 55:2, I realized that I needed to be spending as much time stuffing my soul as I did my stomach.

Fat Soul

This print, of course, was inspired by my daughter, Charlotte. I just think this would be so cute in a little girl’s room. Owl’s are still hot right?

HootAir Balloon

And another sweet print for a little girl’s room. My sister is having a baby girl soon and maybe I’ll get this printed and give it to her for a gift.

Button Blossom


My husband, Chris, also submitted a few designs! I just love his illustrations. The second one is from an original block printing he did in school and handed out as Christmas cards. Love these both.

We would love for you to take a few minutes and vote for our designs, just click on the photo or the link below them. Thanks a million!






country living fair antiques

I recently took a visit to Austin, Texas for the Country Living Fair with my Mother-in-Law, Leslie. We had the best time. We spent two whole days rummaging through every nook and cranny in these giant barns trying to find the best in vintage. I found some of the most amazing things. I was most inspired by the vintage pull toys. I’m working on a fabric collection based off of those right now. I love all the inspiration that vintage provides. My husband loved the lion illustration on one of the playing cards I brought home.


Here are some of the things I brought home. My favorite being this airplant from India. It may not be vintage but it’s pretty sweet!



Oh and check out these thumb-tacks! They look like vintage typewriter keys. LOVE!!!


Have you found any great vintage lately? I’d love to hear about it!

Citrus themed st. patrick’s day table

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for. The collaboration on the table setting with Nikki. About a month ago, Nikki asked me design a place setting for a St. Patrick’s Day themed table. But, after doing some research we took our table setting with a twist of citrus. Hey, limes are green! I think Nikki has an eye for making a table look elegant enough for an adult and fun enough for a kid. Painted plates, lime placesetting, Washi tape napkin rings and  printable placemats!

Come back each day for some fun tutorials and a FREE download!!!! Visit Nikki’s website to see even more pictures!

collaboration on a table setting

This is what I’ve been up to this weekend. Just a little sneak peak of the table setting that Nikki and I collaborated on. Nikki is so sweet and she truly is a delight to work with. I can’t wait to show you the details. There will even be a free printable! Whoo hoo! Come back next week for all the details!


apples and pears pattern

Apples and Pears fabrics designed by me / Apple and Pear Fruit Tidy / Jonathan Adler Apple Laquer Clock

Apple Corer (with pop bottom-best thing EVER!!!) / Pear Coaster

Helen Dardik’s Apple & Pear Poster for Hus & Hem / Fruit Memo Pads (found via this site)

 APPLE & PEAR RECIPES (I’d love to try)

Apple Pear Cobbler / Pear, Apple & Cranberry Crisp / Apple & Pear Slaw


Enzo Mari Poster / Pear Cake / Apple Purse / and Apple Purse