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Petite Lemon Christmas Cards & Trend Boards

Trends come and go, but I feel that some seem to stay longer than others. One trend that seems to keep going and going for the last few years are the Metallics! I see them everywhere, especially in card designs. Plus with the recent addition of REAL gold foil on all of the card sites like Shutterfly, Tiny Prints and Minted, why not add gold foil to everything! It’s totally hot!

I thought I’d share with you one of my mood/trend boards that I did. This one is Metallics.


And here’s a few cards based off of that trend. I don’t think this one made it. But there is a card that was based off of this one that has REAL GOLD FOIL! You can see it here.


And here’s another layout that I tried, on a folding card.


This one has the Mercury glass as a full background. It was a tricky texture to recreate! Thank goodness for photoshop!


Here’s metallic paints. Paint textures are another hot trend this season, especially watercolor!

v3 (3)

v1 (26)

This one is rose gold, another part of the metallic color range.

v3 (1)

v1 (28)

v1 (25)

This one is blue foil, which is still a metallic.


Metallics are also hot with glitter, not just foil textures.

v1 (30)

v1 (27)

And here’s a few other Christmas cards I did, these ones are all folding ones.

v2 (6)v2 (5)
v2 (2) v2 (3)

Bokeh is another hot trend right now! This one has some gold foil lettering.

v1 (32)

v1 (33)And, let’s not forget how hot wood textures are!

v1 (24)

Happiest of Holidays friends! If you would like a custom Holiday card for your family, please contact me.

Card Designs by Petite Lemon for Shutterfly

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 7.05.45 PMv1 (1)

















It’s always fun seeing your designs on an ad while browsing Facebook! I’m right in the middle of a big Christmas push with Shutterfly. I sometimes think I can’t draw another snowflake! And yet, I keep drawing them and thinking of new ways to do them! I can’t wait to show you the ones I’m working on now, but won’t be able to show those until they’re up on the site. But for now, here’s some cards that I worked on earlier this year.

I just love designing baby cards! Especially after recently having a baby myself! I can hardly believe that he’s almost ONE! I’ll make sure to post at least one picture from his birthday! (most likely on Instagram) As we’re busy moving, so things on here may be a little trim…

v1 (12)

v1 (11)

v1 (13)




v1 (6)


v1 (2)

v1 (3)

v1 (4)

v1 (5)

v1 (7)

v1 (8)

v1 (9)

v1 (10)

v1 (15) v1 (16) v1 (17) v1 (18)

v1 (19)

v1 (20)

v1 (21)

Next up are babies first birthday! And I’m sure I’ll be using one of these to invite friends and family to Ezra’s first birthday! I haven’t quite decided on a theme yet, but I’m definitely going to keep it simple!

v1 (34)

v1 (35)

v1 (36)

v1 (37)


Next up, I’m going to show you a few trend boards I’ve noticed and some of my cards based off of that trend!

24 days of FREE christmas downloads

I am on cloud 9 right now! I seriously feel like I’m on a lucky streak. What better way to start the Holiday season then with FREE gifts. A few weeks ago, I attended an Open House and received a strand of pearls from Goldsmith Jewelers. My daughter actually wears them more then me! Ha ha! Then I received a $200 credit to from I purchased Bombshell and Jacques & Gilles from Emily Lime. They really are beautiful calligraphy fonts. And I have already used them on some cards I’ve designed for Petite Lemon for Shutterfly. I’ve shared a few below.

Then yesterday I got another email from saying that I had received another $200 credit for this board that I created on their site. And I just used it to create some killer gifts for my friends for Christmas! I was going to use some of the designs that were already on there but found a way to upload my own designs onto them. I’ll make sure and show them once I get them (probably after Christmas). Oh, and here’s something I didn’t know about, is that you can order Party Decor. I ordered a large cake stand and some cute striped straws. I’m starting to gear up for Char’s birthday party. I can’t believe it’s been a year since her tea party. I’m thinking a treasure hunt or mystery birthday party. She’s been into Peter Pan and Tinkerbell lately, so I think she’ll really enjoy that.

I wanted to make you aware of the 24 days of Free Christmas Downloads which me and a few of my awesome designer friends will be starting on Saturday, December 1st! So mark your calendars. You’re in for a treat! Don’t believe me? Go and see what we did last year!


Here are a few of the last minute cards I designed for Petite Lemon for Shutterfly. I really am excited the way that they turned out! If you would like to purchase them, just click on the image.

Petite Lemon for Shutterfly Chrismas Cards

It’s time to start thinking about Christmas. Especially since Turkey Day is only 2 weeks away! Ahhh! I thought it would be fun to show you the cards I designed for Petite Lemon for Shutterfly this year. At least, these are the ones that made the cut. I always feel like I spend more than half the year designing Christmas, and then when Christmas finally arrives, I’m kind of burned out. But not this year! I’m so pumped! And I can hardly wait to design my own Christmas cards. I’ll post them once I get them done. I’m going to try my hand at some calligraphy. It’s so fun to do. I just ordered a few pen nibs and some more ink on Amazon. So here’s to hoping they show up soon.

I’m also have a friend who requested a Christmas Card as well. If you’d like some help designing your Christmas Card, please email me and I’ll get you a quote depending on what you want. Which one of these are your favorite?

Monogram Banner WishesAll Things WonderfulIcons of FunCheer And Love

Poinsettia Joy, Joy to the WorldWonder And Love

Always MerryLove Joy WishesPeace & Cheer

Framed With PresentsFamily Highlights SpectrumLayered in Cheer

Joyful Blessings,  Joy MailSnowflake Winter,  Miracle And Spirit

Party TimeColorful Party GirlFresh From Heaven

Be MineSweetest Wishes


Hope you enjoyed this smorgasbord of cards! Happy Holidays!




birth announcements for Shutterfly

I had so much fun designing these cards. I really wanted to play around with texture. I made some watercolor/acrylic looking textures using original watercolor textures that I painted first, and then using photoshop brushes I finished it. I think they all turned out so cute. And they feel so FRESH compared to what was on Shutterfly’s website previously. Way to go Petite Lemon!

The inspiration for this one was found on a felt baby shoe. Too cute huh? I wish I could cross-stitch as well as I can design.

This one took the longest. Do you know how hard it is to recreate lace! Whowza! I made each layer of the lace a separate pattern and then layered them on top of each other. And I also had to make a few different Illustrator brushes to make the lace as well. So difficult!

This one has a linen texture on it too. I found this awesome tutorial on how to make your own linen texture in photoshop.

And here are the baby boy announcements. Tapes are so in right now! Japanese Masking Tape is so fun. You can make so many projects using them too!

I love these next two because it feels so fresh and modern. Don’t you agree?