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12 days of Christmas

I just finished up the 12 days of Christmas for #the100dayproject. It was so much fun to redraw these and I’m so glad that I stuck with it and finished these. I was inspired by folk art and especially had fun looking through a vintage folk art book. If you’d like to continue to follow along with #the100dayproject, simply follow me on Instagram.


first6 first6b

New Quote Posters for #the100dayproject

I’ve had some fun creating these posters for the #the100dayproject. If you’d like to follow along, follow me on Instagram.

It’s fun playing with new ways to hand draw type and use some fun new photoshop brushes I purchased from RetroSupply. It was fun to hand draw these over and over again until they came out just the way I wanted. Check them out below.







And sometimes the sketches don’t look anything like the finished design. Ha ha! But it serves a very important step, to get the ideas out of my head and onto paper.







Follow me on Instagram to see all of my #the100dayproject. For the next 100 days I’m going to play! Play with clay, wood, chalk, fabric, embroidery, paper, watercolor, pencils, markers, anything to get my creative juices flowing. And the only criteria, is I have to use my hands for part of it. So follow along, or join in for the fun! What would you like to see me try?